What’s Your Style? How to Figure Out Your Fashion Sense

If you don’t know what your style is, here’s how to figure out your fashion sense. These tips are from image consultant, artist, and author Jennifer Robin.

Before her tips, here’s a quip from supermodel Cheryl Tiegs:

“Like anyone else, there are days I feel beautiful and days I don’t,” said Tiegs. “And when I don’t, I do something about it.” (O Magazine, May 2004).

I don’t know what Tiegs does to make herself feel beautiful on her “ugly days” – but I do know that different things make different women feel gorgeous! For inspiration on feeling more beautiful and developing your image, read Growing More Beautiful an Artful Approach to Personal Style by Robin.

And, here are her tips to help you create your personal style and sense of fashion…

What’s Your Style? How to Figure Out Your Fashion Sense

Instead of the vague, unattainable goal of wanting to look your best, shift your focus to having fun as you coordinate your wardrobe.  Instead of simply shopping for something new, try to be more creative. Dig out your fashion sense – it’s a great way to express yourself!

Bring more creativity into the daily act of getting dressed. Focusing on what brings you the most pleasure is good for your complexion and gives you that unmistakable glow that attracts others.  Fashion and personal style is all about being creative: mix bright colors; or, if neutrals are more your statement, mix interesting patterns and textures.  Raid that overlooked scarf drawer and jumbled jewelry box.  This tip can save you money, as you may already own many quirky, eclectic, and elegant accessories that can be mixed in chic new ways. And that’s what figuring out your fashion sense is all about.

Invite a friend over for an afternoon of sharing ideas and inspiration. Compile your magazines and create a collage. Rip out your favorite looks and paste or tack them on to a big piece of poster board.  Stand back and look at your results.  You’ll be amazed by how you fabulously unique each of you are!

Make a fashion plan. You can’t ice and decorate a cake until you bake it. Think through your regular activities and jot down notes about the kinds of clothes you’ll need to create your personal style. Note the comfort challenges, such as unpredictable windy or rainy spring weather.  Do you have a lightweight jacket or cardigan to protect you from the chill of summer air conditioning? Combining fashion tips with practical ideas can help you create your personal style.

Turn your closet into a playground. To create your personal style, get reacquainted with what your spring clothes that have been put away or out of sight for awhile. Hang your favorite items on a rolling rack, grouped by color, and look over what you currently own.  Create texture and interest by adding accessories, especially scarves, jewelry, and belts. Give yourself a refresher course on the state of your warm weather wardrobe. Put together outfits, and try them on when you have time.  Make note of anything you truly need and put this fashion tip to work: one basic piece can create a dozen outfits.

If you’re shopping for jeans, read How to Find the Right Blue Jeans – Make Your Bottom Beautiful.

Go for it! If buying new clothes isn’t in your budget, you can still create your personal style. Take a shopping field trip, looking around for ideas instead of focusing on the goal of buying something new.  Come home and look at what you own with fresh eyes. Fashion always changes slightly every season, and you may have inspiration to mix things together in ways that are different than how you wore them last year.

The secret to figuring out your style and fashion sense is to stay engaged.  Seek out all the pleasurable ways to enhance your creative experience of getting dressed each and every day.

But remember — being an attractive, happy, fulfilled woman isn’t just about your appearance or fashion sense! Read How to Feel Beautiful No Matter What You Look Like.

What’s your style? Comment below…

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  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comment, Azam! I’m one of those few women who doesn’t care about fashion trends. My only “style” is comfort and my hat collection :-)

  2. Fashion is the most sought after thing in the world. We are always wondering what’s in and what’s not, and we try to imitate every fashion as soon as it sets in and try to get rid of it just as soon as it becomes common. Sometimes these fashion tends are highly influenced by the celebrities, or something that is inspired from natural elements or some styles from the streets. These fashion fluctuations can be recognized as the effect of media on the common masses.