30 Famous Introverts and Celebrities Who Are Loners

This list of celebrity loners and famous introverts include several big names that will surprise you! Included is a test for introverted personality traits, in case you want to see where on the introversion spectrum you stand.

famous introverted peopleHere’s a quick way to tell if you’re an introvert or an extrovert: “If there is an emergency, do you tend to stand still and feel somewhat shut down or in slow motion? If you have a standstill reaction to stress more often, then you are probably an introvert,” says psychotherapist and author Marti Olsen Laney, author of The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World. “In a crisis do you tend to move your body immediately and feel like taking action, maybe without pausing to think? Then you are probably an extrovert if you react with movement.”

This quick “introvert assessment” surprised me. I’m almost purely an introvert (though not a famous one 🙂 ), and I tend to move fast when an emergency situation arises. So perhaps this isn’t the most accurate way to determine introverted personality traits – but it is interesting. Below is a list of the most famous introverts in the world (including several celebrities who are loners), plus information about introverted personality types and traits.

Introverts, famous or not, do not have personality disorders. A reader recently asked me about introverted personality types and traits; I’m often surprised at the misperceptions people have about introverts. You’ll see what I mean when you read the comments section of this article.

Here are some of the most common questions I get about introverted personality traits. Towards the end of the article is what you really want to see: the list of famous introverts and celebrity loners.

Is introversion a personality disorder?

Famous Introverted People and Celebrities Who Are LonersNo! Introverts are normal. Extroverts are normal, too. Neither type is a personality disorder. However, I did write an article called What Introverts Need to Know About Going On Mission Trips because some activities and lifestyles can be more difficult for people with introverted personality traits. There is absolutely nothing wrong with introverted personality traits, though introverts are commonly seen as abnormal, nerds, loners, withdrawn, shy, and unfriendly. Introverts can also be seen as lacking social skills.

I’ve found that the older I get, the more introverted I am. My personality may be changing, or perhaps I’m just more comfortable being an introvert. I’ve also found that I don’t like jobs that put me in the midst of groups of people.

What about you – do you struggle at work? You may find Best Jobs for Introverts and People Who Like to Be Alone interesting.


  • Enjoy time alone
  • Consider only deep relationships as friends
  • Feel drained after outside activities, even if they were fun
  • Are often good listeners
  • Appear calm and self-contained
  • Think then speak or act
  • Don’t enjoy talking on the phone

People with introverted personalities have an inward focus and aren’t usually the “life of the party.” Introverts have a strong sense of self that can make them feel highly self-conscious around other people – making walking into a crowded room a little nerve-wracking.

Also, introverted people have a hard time being goofy in front of the camera and telling jokes to more than a couple of people at a time. Even famous introverts aren’t naturally comfortable in front of the camera. But, they can be extremely witty. Introverts don’t do the slapstick comedy like “Larry, Curly, and Moe.” They’re more like Woody Allen. However, being quiet like Woody Allen doesn’t mean introverts’ personality traits are neurotic or weird. 

Are you an introvert? Take this quick little Test for Introverted Personality Traits.

Introverts process their emotions, thoughts, and observations internally

They can be social people, but reveal less about themselves than extroverts do. Introverts are more private, and less public. Introverts need time to think before responding to a situation, and develop their ideas by reflecting privately. Introverts’ personality traits can be passionate, and sometimes aggressive.

Many introverts prefer working at home – though there are some jobs for people who like working alone in my list of high paying jobs for college students.

Though different, introverts and extroverts can fall in love and have happy relationship. Read Extroverts and Introverts in Love if you’re an extrovert in love with an introvert, or vice versa!

Is it possible for an introvert to become an extrovert?

I suppose introverts can force themselves to be more extroverted, but why? Not for career success, because introverted people can be just as successful professionally as extroverts – especially if they’re armed with Tips for Networking Successfully for Introverts. Introverts don’t need to become extroverts for relationship success, even if they’re with extroverts. There’s no reason for introverts to become extroverts – especially if they are able to work with their strengths.

What advantages does an introvert have?

According to Laney, author of The Introvert Advantage, there are several advantages to being an introvert:

  • work well with others, especially in one-to-one relationships
  • maintain long-term friendships
  • flexible
  • independent
  • strong ability to concentrate
  • self-reflective
  • responsible
  • creative, out-of-the-box thinking
  • analytical skills that integrate complexity
  • studious and smart

famous people who are introverted personality traits

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain is a bestselling book that highlights the strengths of people with introverted personality traits. If you’re an introvert – and you feel weird about your personality – you’ll love this book!

I’m an introvert, and it’s normal to me. Introverts aren’t as common as extroverts (there are more extroverts in the world than introverts), but that doesn’t mean they’re abnormal or have a personality disorder.

Famous Introverted Actresses

  • Candice Bergen, actress, writer, photographer
  • Ingrid Bergman, actress
  • Ellen Burstyn, actress
  • Glenn Close, actress
  • Audrey Hepburn, actress
  • Helen Hunt, actress
  • Diane Keaton, actress
  • Grace Kelly, actress
  • Jessica Lange, actress
  • Laura Linney, actress
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, actress
  • Michelle Pfeiffer, actress
  • Julia Roberts, actress
  • Meg Ryan, actress
  • Meryl Streep, actress

Famous Introverts – Actors

  • Clint Eastwood, actor/director
  • Harrison Ford, actor
  • Tom Hanks, actor
  • Sir Alfred Hitchcock, film director
  • Jack Lemmon, late actor
  • Bill Macy, actor
  • Steve Martin, all around talented guy
  • Noah Wiley, actor

Other Famous Celebrity Loners

  • Johnny Carson, former Tonight Show host
  • Jane Clayson, host of CBS Morning Show
  • Matt Lauer, co-host on the Today Show
  • David Letterman, host of the David Letterman Show
  • Diane Sawyer, co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America
  • Barbara Walters, host of 20/20

What do you think of this list of famous people who have introverted personality traits? Your thoughts – big and little! – are welcome below. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you’re in a relationship, which personality traits does your partner have?

Take good care of yourself – and remember that God created you exactly the way you are (introvert or extrovert, famous or unknown!) for a reason. Blossom into who He created you to be!

Source of the “famous introverts” information: The Introvert Advantage.


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