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10 Unusual Facts About a Man’s Body

These unusual facts about healthy male libido and a man’s body are directly from an educated, respected love coach and author, Dr Trina Read. You’ll be surprised to learn these facts about a healthy male libido – such as how fast some things go!

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To warm up, here’s Dr Read’s take on intimacy versus lovemaking: “Too often people assume that the word ‘intimacy’ has to do solely with sex: saying things like, ‘Let’s get intimate tonight.’ When I appear on some TV shows, the producers ask me to substitute the word ‘intimacy’ for ‘sex’ to make the segment ‘kid friendly’.  Intimacy is in fact a deeply shared connection to another human being. Sex just happens to be an easy segue to get to intimacy. We have intimate moments all the time with people who we are closest to: children, parents, friends, spouse.”

Emotional and physical intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean sexual intimacy, though people may confuse the three. To learn more about marriage and intimacy, read Dr Read’s book Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible. And, here are her unusual facts about a man’s body…

10 Unusual Facts About a Man’s Body

1. It goes fast! The white stuff leaves a man at roughly the same rate of travel as a city bus, but can reach speeds of 43 miles per hour depending how long since the last time. “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye,” says Dr Read.

2. They’re two different sizes. “The average male’s left testicle isn’t quite as pert as his right one on most men,” says Dr Read. “Although the opposite may be true on a left-handed male.” This is a fact that may not affect a healthy male libido.

3. The amount changes. This love coach says that most men shoot approximately one teaspoon to one tablespoon of fluid. And the amount changes: they lose more the first time, and then less thereafter.

4. The most sensitive parts are here…and here… The glans (or head) and the frenulum, which is the skin just below the head on the underside, are the most sensitive parts of the penis. (I bet most men are aware this fact about healthy male libido!).

5. They move up and down. “The cremaster muscle elevates the testicles when a man is aroused or cold due to a change in temperature,” says Dr Read. “The organ itself contains no muscle or bone; it’s made of spongy tissue. Erections occur when blood flows quickly into it and exit veins constrict to keep the blood there.”

6. Sometimes nothing comes out. A man might have a “dry” O experience because he recently had one and doesn’t have anything left at the moment, says this love coach. Taoists believe it builds up a man’s male essence and allows him to absorb female essence, which could be part of a healthy male libido. Tantrics recommend it as a way to experience intimacy as a path to spiritual ecstasy.

7. Male libido enhancements leave something to be desired. A man must be turned on in order for this to work; it helps increase blood flow.

8. Kegels work for both women and men. “Kegel exercises are meant for both men and women,” says Dr Read. “Kegel muscles are located around the pubic to tailbone area; they contract involuntarily during physical excitement. Improving your Kegel muscles means stronger, better endings to intimacy.” This is a fact we hear about women’s libido – but it is a surprising part of a healthy male libido.

9. Patience is a virtue. “The average 65 year old takes 12 to 24 hours to get it up a second time,” says this love coach. “Every man’s refractory period is different at every age.”

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10. Men have one, too. Think the G-spot is just for women? Think again. “The male G-spot is his prostate gland, which is a walnut-shaped gland that contains the bulk of the liquid.” This is a little-known fact about healthy male libido!

BONUS TIP: A man falls asleep right after being intimate because his brain is flooded with serotonin (whereas a woman’s brain is flooded with epinephrine).

If you have any questions or comments about male libido, please share below. Remember — it has to be squeaky clean!

Dr Trina Read has a Doctorate from a school in San Francisco, and writes two newspaper columns and manages a practice in Alberta, Canada.

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12 thoughts on “10 Unusual Facts About a Man’s Body”

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  2. hgh is a way to increase sexual desire in the male libido which helps with ‘you know what’. I dont have libido problems, but my older friends who take hgh say it helps them feel younger and more sexual with their women….

  3. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Yes, you’re right about libido; it’s another way to say desire.
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  4. The product reviews I read on line about the Max Powers HGH Spray were true. It is safe, has had no side effects for me that I know off, and increased my overall energy. Being in the late 50’s and having a lot in life to do, I was becoming tired and semi-depressed, and losing the drive to get things done that I have always had. What I think was going on with me was low testosterone. This HGH supplement helps restore this naturally as I understand it.
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  5. The Dr Max Powers HGH Spray is GREAT for anyone looking to increase their virility and libido. Unlike testosterone creams and gels that can be messy, smelly or ineffective, this HGH spray is a nice booster that can be used discretely to avoid embarrassment.

    I like the Dr Max HGH spray because I can slip into the restroom on a date and take 2 or 3 squirts full without my date knowing. However, the effects of this product are subtle. You won’t become a raging bull instantly but if you use it daily and then double up before lovemaking you will notice a difference.

  6. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your thoughts on confidence and Marilyn Monroe…I appreciate your insight!

    You’re right — we do need to be open about our insecurities, and support each other. This is exactly the topic I’ll be writing about in my new blog: See Jane Soar! (life lessons from successful women in history).

    Who would you model yourself after, anon?

  7. Re: Confidence and Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe had many insecurities regarding her status as a sex symbol. Biographies of her have documented her personal struggle with self-esteem, confidence and depression.

    She was frustrated that she was not seen as more than just a sex symbol and fought very hard in the later years of her acting career to be seen as a serious actress.

    As a woman I think we all have insecurities about ourselves and our looks. I do respect Marilyn Monroe a lot, but I don’t think she would be the example of confidence I would model myself after. Many women appear to be confident, but if you ask most women, most of them will find at least one area of themselves they are insecure about. I think the best thing we can do as women is be open about our insecurities and support each other in feeling more comfortable with ourselves and our bodies.

  8. 6.5 Taoist Sexology practice trains the man to reserve his essence, so he can bring the woman to the 9th wave of orgasm; it’s not about running out of semen – It’s about converting the essence to more POWER!

    Bonus: Notice males in the animal kingdom do not fall asleep right after sex; they actually experience euphoria from the increase seratonin levels.

    But When males lose essence, they lose energy which is the reason for human males falling asleep. This is another reason for practicing Taoist Sexology: To conserve the essence in order to conserve energy for the sole purpose of bringing his wife to the 9th wave.