20 Jobs for People Who Love to Party (Extroverts!)

If you’re an extrovert who is energized by attention and excitement, why not find a way to get paid to party? These jobs include professional clown, cruise ship entertainer, and elementary school teacher.

20 Jobs for People Who Love to Party (Extroverts!)If you don’t know what job suits you, read Career Match: Connecting Who You Are With What You’ll Love to Do. Shoya Zichy and Ann Bidou wrote this one-of-a-kind job search guide, which has a revealing 10 minute self-assessment to help you discover their ideal work. Career Match features in-depth chapters for each personality type (including jobs for people who love to party!) and will show you how to find a career that fits your passion and personality. It’s an invaluable job search resource, whether you’re seeking a new path or trying to confirm that you’re already on the right one.

Most of us are on a continuum. That is, we all have some extroverted personality traits (outgoing, talkative, energized by other people) as well as some introverted personality traits (quiet, prefers to spend time alone or one-on-one, thoughtful).

If you’re not the “party” personality type, read Best Jobs for Introverts and People Who Like to Be Alone. Since most people are on the extroversion-introversion continuum, you may find a few good job ideas there. And remember: there’s a big difference between loving the party atmosphere and being good at a job that revolves around groups, people, and events.

The trick to finding the right job for you is to know your strengths and weaknesses.

20 Jobs for People Who Love to Party

Make sure you know your personality style before you decide you need a career for extroverts. Here’s a  Test for Introverted Personality Traits that will give you insight into your personality traits.

Public Relations

The IR (Investor Relations) woman at my husband’s work is a Grade-A SCHMOOZER who loves to party! She is fantastic at her job because she truly enjoys wining and dining potential investors, going to all the hospitality suites at conferences, and having power lunches with people who are more powerful than God.

Any public relations job is good for people who love to party – if that job doesn’t involve sitting in front of the computer all day, monitoring Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. If you’re interviewing for a PR job, make sure you ask how much time you’ll spend in the community and how much time you’ll spend on social media.

Cruiseship Entertainers

Here’s a great tip from Wake Up:

“Cruise companies know they need to keep you active to make sure your nightlife is as great as your day trips. Cruise ship entertainment can range from dancers, singers, and comedians on stage and walking around the ship to actual staff that are hired to keep people happy. They’re envied by the ship’s crew that has to stay below decks and they can mingle all they want at all hours while seeing the world!” – from The Best Party Jobs.

For a great list of jobs that pay well, read 10 High Paying Jobs for College Students.


I taught grade 8 for three years, and while it wasn’t exactly a PARTY it was definitely loud, rambunctious, and unpredictable. Teaching is a good job for extroverts or people who like to party because teachers are at the center of attention all day long. They have to find creative ways to make stuff interesting, and are in many ways an entertainer.

Speaking of entertainers…


careers for party people extroverts

Best Jobs for People Who Love to Party

My friend’s dad is a clown, and he LOVES it. He gets to party with the kids, and he gets paid for it. He’s not responsible for the whole birthday party (like an event planner is); he can focus on his role as an entertainer of all things little and loud.

Theater Sports or Dinner Theater

The tricky part of this job for people who like to party is that it requires tons of talent. And, depending on where you live, an acting career can be very competitive! One of the best ways to suss a job like this out is to start in a position that isn’t in the spotlight (eg, a ticket taker, usher, etc). Get a feel for what it’s like to work as an actor who interacts with the audience. Not all extroverts are actors – and not all actors are extroverts!

Event, Wedding, or Party Planner

I’m not convinced this is a job for people who love to party, because you can’t actually PARTY at an event or wedding you planned. You have to stay sober and focused on making sure the event is unfolding exactly the way it should, and your clients aren’t doing anything more than relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Event planning is a good job for people who like to attend parties, but who can be there without acting like a guest. Event planners do everything from tasting the potential appetizers to hiring the band – it can be stressful, but it’s a great job for extroverts.

14 jobs for extroverts and people who like to party:

Jobs for Extroverts

20 Jobs for People Who Love to Party (Extroverts!)

  • Hotel manager
  • Restaurant manager, bartender, server
  • Travel agent
  • Salesperson
  • Disc jockey
  • Real estate broker
  • Musician
  • Insurance agent
  • Actor
  • Public relations expert
  • Sales manager
  • Fund-raiser
  • Politician
  • Paid party mingler

If you’re an introvert who would rather be alone or with one or two other people (like me), then it’s probably wise to find a job that pays you to work solo.

Regardless of what job you decide you must have, you need to write a cover letter. Read How to Write a Strong Cover Letter and Get That Job.

May you find the best job for you, and may you celebrate your extroverted personality traits!


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