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What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Personality

What does your Halloween costumes say about your personality traits? If you look behind the “trick or treat” mask of these costumes, you can see right into people’s thoughts, dreams, and personality… I’d dress up as a gypsy with the Retro Bohemian Babe Gypsy Halloween Costume, without a doubt. I love the idea of being a gypsy, I love the […]

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Halloween

This is our first Halloween with our dog; when I received these tips from the SPCA on how to keep pets safe on Halloween, I knew right away that I had to share them! “Loud noises can cause animals to panic putting both pets and children in danger,” says Lorie Chortyk, general manager of Community Relations for the BC SPCA in […]

Extreme Halloween Decorations and Tips for Halloween Parties

These extreme Halloween decorating tips for October 31 parties include blacklight, skeletons, skulls, coffins, and bloody bathmats – and there’s something for every Halloween party host or hostess here! Before the Halloween tips and tricks, a quip: “When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, tis near Halloween.” ~ Author Unknown. The Halloween bag of […]

Teen Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

These ideas for teen costumes for Halloween aren’t your typical Lady Gaga or Twilight costumes. Get original! Original doesn’t mean dressing up like a movie star, pop singer, or even a Harry Potter book character. It’s about being creative and original – about finding ideas that most people wouldn’t even think of. The Zombie School Girl Halloween Costume  may not […]

Going to a Costume Party? 11 Creative Ideas From Your Closet

Finding a creative costume for a costume party doesn’t have to be stressful or frustrating! These costumes ideas are fun and easy. Here’s what one reader says: “I rarely buy costumes because I think that it’s much more fun and creative to make your own,” says Brandi, who loves wearing an “Eve” costume of “Adam and Eve” lore. “And I […]

Halloween Ideas – A Round Up of Tips for October 31

This collection of ideas for Halloween (October 31) includes costume exchange parties, food and book character costumes, and Halloween tips for dogs and cats. When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween. ~ Author Unknown  The best part of Halloween is finding new, creative, spooktacular ideas for costumes, decorations, and parties. […]