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Easy Office Workout Tips – 9 Tips for Getting Fit at Work!

These office workout tips will help you get fit at work. Staying fit will become easier with these fitness and exercise tips! Achieve your weight loss goals with these tips from Jay Cardiello, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.  will keep your blood flowing and muscles strong, even if you’re stuck at a desk all day!

“Sitting behind a desk all day is just as abusive to the body as playing a contact sport,” says Cardiello. “Each year, thousands of people suffer from desk-related injuries such as lower back pain, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, arthritis and obesity.”

For extra strength training help, get a Gaiam Fit Ball Workout….and read on for Cardiello’s easy office workout tips… 

Easy Office Workout Tips – 9 Tips for Getting Fit at Work

For each exercise, keep your abdominal muscles tight to develop a strong core.

The Chair Squat: While sitting up straight, slowly proceed to a standing position. Keep your arms straight out for balance. Repeat and perform 15-25 repetitions. 

Chair Triceps Dips: Secure your chair against the wall and place hands at the end of the chair.  Bend your knees so your thighs and lower legs form slightly more than a 90-degree angle. Bend your elbows and slowly lower your body. Straighten the elbows to raise the body up. Repeat for 12-20 repetitions. This fitness tip is deceptively easy, because it will helps build your muscle strength more than you realize!

In-Place Marching: Stand up straight with arms at your sides. Now, slowly lift your left leg until it is waist height. Next take your arms and-in a big fashion-circle them. As your arms circle forward, drop your left leg to the ground and follow by raising your right leg. You will proceed in this fashion for 25 total repetitions of total forward arm circles. After completing 25 forward circles, continue marching in-place and circle arms backwards for 25 repetitions.

Open the Hips: Sit tall in your chair, while drawing your abdominals inward. Next, lift your left foot off of the floor a few inches: keep the knee bent and flex your toes towards the ceiling. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds. Finally, lower and repeat for 20 reps.  Repeat on the other side.

Leg Extension: Sit tall with the abs in and extend the left leg until it is level with the hip, squeezing the quadriceps. Hold for 2 seconds, lower and repeat for 16 reps.  Repeat on the other side. This easy office workout tip will strengthen your stabilizing leg and core.

Get Zen: Stand in a tall position with your feet together and your palms pressed together-in front of your heart-as if you are praying. Next, take a deep breath in and begin to lift your heels off of the ground to the highest position that you can hold for 10 seconds. Follow, by releasing the breath and slowly lowering your body. Repeat for a total of 20 repetitions. Remember: even just 10 minutes of stretching and breathing a day can help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Take a Seat: Find the nearest wall by your desk. Next, place your feet approximately two-shoe lengths from the wall. Now, slowly rest your back against the wall and proceed to slide down the wall-as if you were lowering yourself to an invisible chair. Slide down as far as you can. You will hold this position for 30 seconds. Your goal will be to have your thighs be parallel to the floor. After you count to 30, Slowly slide back up the wall to a tall position. Repeat 10 times. When performing a squat, never let your knees ride past your toes. 

Arm Circles: Stand tall with your feet directly under your shoulders. Next, raise your arms in a fully extended position until they become parallel to the ground. Begin to circle your arms in a forward motion for a 10-20 repetitions. Then, reverse the motion to a backward circle for 10-20 repetitions. This easy office workout tip will strengthen your arm muscles.

Fly Like an Eagle: Stand tall with your feet directly under your shoulders. Next, raise your arms in a fully extended position until they become parallel to the ground. Now, lower your arms back down to your sides and repeat this movement for 10-20 repetitions. You can increase the intensity by adding a water bottle in each hand. Or, add speed and repetitions to the exercise.

To learn more about getting and staying fit, read Help Setting Weight Loss Goals – 6 Tips for Losing 20 Pounds.

Jay is the Founder of the Jay Cardiello Boxing Club program for New York’s Tennis and Racquet Club, the Celebrity Boot Camp Charity for Cancer Research and the Jay Cardiello Fitness Youth Sports Camps, a network of 34 camps for underprivileged and mentally challenged children.

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4 thoughts on “Easy Office Workout Tips – 9 Tips for Getting Fit at Work!”

  1. Great tips Laurie- I’d like to share a simple program that can be customized to show up to 3 exercises every hour. It’s called fitatwork.

    There is a free trial version at Fit at Work (I’m not affiliated with them). I like it because it keeps me fresh when working long hours at the computer.

  2. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Good point — and I agree that working out in the office isn’t the best solution.

    But, if people have their own private office and can get into the habit of doing 2 of these workout tips every hour, they’d be thinking more clearly and feeling energized throughout the day!

    Office workout tips are good in theory, but perhaps not in practice.

    Another possibility could be to have a “2 minute exercise break” for cubicle workers. Everyone in the vicininty has the option to join in on the exercises. I’d do it! I might even lead it, if I was working with the right people 🙂

  3. yah, great tips. although who has the guts to start doing chair tricep dips in their open-concept cubicle? dang sometimes its hard to get it going on ya know? good tips if you can get your way past the shyness of going for it where coworkers might see you and boss might not frown for ‘slacking’ tho.