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Diamond Tips – Cool Things You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

These tips about diamonds aren’t necessarily things you need to know when you’re buying an engagement ring, but they’re very cool!  Whether you’re investing in Canadian diamonds or deciding which engagement ring to buy for your girlfriend, you’ll see diamonds differently after reading these diamond tips…

First, a quip from Elizabeth Taylor about diamonds and…vegetables…

“This diamond has so many carats, it’s almost a turnip!” – Liz Taylor.

To learn about diamond engagement rings, click on Jewelry & Gems, The Buying Guide: How to Buy Diamonds, Pearls, Colored Gemstones, Gold & Jewelry With Confidence and Knowledge. And, read on to learn surprising things about diamonds and engagement rings…

Diamond Tips – Cool Things You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

When you read this diamond information, you’ll find that Marilyn Monroe was right when she insisted that diamonds are a girl’s best friend…and, a new bride’s best moment may be a romantic honeymoon getaway…

1. Space diamonds are common. Scientists first twigged on the possibility of space diamonds when meteorites that crashed into the earth revealed tiny nanometer-sized diamonds. If these meteorites are representative of the material in outer space, NASA scientists say that a gram of dust and gas in a cosmic cloud could contain 10,000 trillion nanodiamonds. Unfortunately these diamonds are smaller than a grain of sand – much too small for a diamond engagement ring.

2. Diamond coatings are effective in medical implants and catheters. Diamonds may always have been a girl’s best friend, but now they’re becoming valuable to doctors, too. A new method of coating plastics, metals and collagen can reduce friction and provide protection against corrosion in knee and other implants. The diamond-like carbon coating prevents bacteria from forming, and is easier on patients who have allergies to the metal normally used in implants.

3. Security is the real reason diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It’s a diamond fact that, of all her male suitors, a girl has to pick the one who will give her a family, make sure she’s provided for, and stick around for the long haul. He has to prove he’s not only able to accumulate valuable resources, he’s also willing to share them with her. Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa, evolutionary biologists and authors of Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters, say that courtship gifts (such as diamond engagement rings) have to be costly, lacking in practical value, and gorgeous.

4. Chemists grow synthetic diamonds in labs. These lab-grown diamonds are large, gorgeous, and indistinguishable from real or mined diamonds (with the bare eye). Most people seem to prefer genuine rocks, though – so it could be a diamond fact that there’s “nothing like the real thing.”


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