Creative Halloween Decorations for Parties on October 31

Searching for creative Halloween decorations for parties on October 31? Look no further! Here are several ideas for Halloween parties, plus a list of homemade decorations.

Before the tips, a quip:

“Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.” — William Shakespeare

Mixing your own cauldron of witch’s potion is a creative way to celebrate Halloween — and so is the plastic skull and crossbones party invitation in a bottle! Click on the image for more info, and read on for several creative Halloween decorations for parties on October 31…

Creative Halloween Decorations for Parties on October 31

Spooky Fun Decorative Spider Webbing with Spiders – “They’re my kids’ favorite part of Halloween decorating! They make a mess of them, bunching them up and wrapping them around things instead of stretching them out and making them look like spiderwebs. But, it’s so much fun.”- Amy Oztan

Spider Web Candleholders – Jack O’Lanterns really make the best candle holders, but you may not have dozens of those carved and ready to go. Instead, spider web candleholders are creative Halloween decorations.

Candy Corn Candles – What’s Halloween without candy corn decorations? You can buy Candy Corn Candles – or make your own Candy Corn Candle Holders. “Fill the bottom quarter of clear drinking glasses with candy corns and nestle a votive candle inside on top of the candy corns- quick, easy and adorable!” – lifestyle guru Libby Langdon

Naturally Rotting Pumpkins – “Our favorite creative Halloween party decorating tip actually starts in spring, when we plant our pumpkins! We take a screwdriver or nail or some other sharp object and ‘etch’ scary phrases like BOO or RIP or even kid’s names into the skin of the developing pumpkin. Then as the pumpkin grows, the words get spookier and spookier as the scarification process distorts them. Sometimes, it starts when we forget to remove the pumpkin at Halloween and it composts right in the garden next to the front door. Most pumpkins you buy are fertile, and if you let them rot right in your garden you will get all sorts of wonderful garden weirdness – distorted, ugly, funky pumpkins that are creative and scary Halloween decorations. ” – Shirley Van Scoyk.

Halloween drinking glasses – “They’re called ‘Drinkorations,’ and are more than Decorations! Lolita’s adorable (and wildly popular) hand-painted decorative Halloween glasses make excellent accents – ones that you can use to drink your favorite adult or non-alcoholic beverage (kids love these glasses too)…you can even serve your Halloween candy in the “giant” martini glass!” –  Denise McVey

Scary Hanging Fly Bat Halloween Prop – “These flying bats should keep the spirits at bay. Inflate black balloons with helium. Cut wings from black construction paper and tape onto balloons. Cut out eyes and sharp teeth from white paper and tape them on. Tie balloons around the yard watch the bats fly at the visitors!” – Penny Warner, Balloon Time®

Toilet paper rolls – “My most creative Halloween decorations for parties are toilet paper rolls! When the kids go out and toilet paper the trees the night before, I save the toilet paper rolls (actually I save them all year) I fill them with candies and things like spider rings from the Dollar Store. I then wrap them in crepe paper and tie the ends with black ribbon. I then use them as favors for my annual Halloween dinner!” – LucreZia Pierro.

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Creative Homemade Halloween Decorations

“The Debt Diva” Clarky Davis shares her favorite decorating tips for transforming your home:

  • Paint a white tablecloth with red paint that falls like fake blood, or black paint in the shape of cobwebs and spiders.
  • Stuff an old pair of jeans and a plaid shirt with plastic bags. You can turn this figure into a happy scarecrow or splatter the clothing with fake blood to turn it into a crime victim.
  • Turn your yard into a cemetery with cardboard boxes covered with black spray paint.
  • Buy a bag of quilt batting and some plastic spiders from the dollar store to make cobwebs.
  • Replace all the light bulbs with red bulbs to give your home a creepy crimson color.

For more tips and tricks, read Ideas for Extreme Halloween Decorations for October Parties.

If you have any ideas for creative Halloween decorations for parties on October 31, please comment below!

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