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Couples Halloween Costume Ideas – Tell the Story of You

couples halloween costume ideas

This couples Halloween costume idea may be old, but I still love it 🙂

The first of these couples Halloween costume ideas is my favorite, because it tells the story of one of my favorite movies: Juno.

Some of these couples Halloween costume ideas are inspired by store-bought costumes. Why waste money on two Halloween costumes when you can make them at home, quick and easy?

Before the tips, a quip:”There is nothing that gives more assurance than a mask.” ~ Colette.

You don’t necessarily need a mask over your face to change your personality or persona for Halloween! Wearing a costume can give you freedom and creativity to be whoever you want — especially if you’re into Halloween costumes of famous movie stars.

But even the Adam & Eve Halloween costume on Amazon can “liberate” your mind, body and soul — if you’re brave enough! It’s one of those store ideas that you can easily make at home.

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas – Tell the Story of You

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Plug and Socket. I have to admit that this Plug and Socket couples Halloween costume has been around for awhile…I see it every time I update my blog posts for October 31! But, if you haven’t seen it yet — or you’re sure that your friends haven’t seen it — then you should consider it. It’s an easy, fun costume, and both Amazon and BuyCostumes.com sell it.

Fertility god and goddess. Fertility gods and goddesses are meant to watch over and promote fertility, pregnancy, and birth. This couples Halloween costume can be homemade or store bought; it’s a great way for couples to learn about the beliefs and traditions of different cultures – especially if their kids are into gods or goddesses! Fertility gods are associated with fertile black mud, phallic symbols, and seeds. Fertility goddesses are associated with healthy harvests, moons, hares, and eggs.

Fertility experts. If you’re regulars at a fertility clinic (like my husband and me), you might be getting to know the doctors, nurses, and technicians fairly well! Dress up as your favorite fertility doctor and nurse – and do something fun with the costume, such as drawing little sperms all over a white lab coat and eggs on the nurse’s uniform. This wouldn’t be my ideal couples Halloween costume, but maybe it’ll work for you…

Jack and Jill. This isn’t the most creative couples Halloween costume, but it’s fast and easy. Take a couple of t-shirts from your drawer, write Jack and Jill on the front. Instead of the traditional couple (Jack wearing the crown, Jill bruised from falling down), switch it up! Put the crown on Jill, and have Jack come tumbling down. Some Jack and Jill couples carry pails of water, but I think it’s too much.

Bacon and eggs. This is one of the most comfortable couples Halloween costume, which is why I love it! The Bacon and Eggs Halloween costume can be homemade or store bought — all you need is white, red, and yellow fabric. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could sew it by hand.

If you’re going to a Halloween party and don’t have time to buy or make a costume, read 11 Dress Up Ideas From Your Closet.

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  1. My husband and I have never worn a Halloween costume as a couple. I’m barely creative enough to come up with my own Halloween costume, much less one for us as a couple!