20 Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery Gifts

After breast cancer surgery, the best gift promotes healing. These breast cancer surgery recovery gift ideas range from healing yoga for breast cancer to mastectomy bras, and all the gift ideas for breast cancer surgery recovery are based on an oncologist’s instructions for post-mastectomy healing.

The Yoga for Breast Cancer DVD for Patients and Survivors is very different from regular yoga DVDs. The instructor has a gentle approach, offers modifications, allows a comfortable length of time for each pose, and plenty of time to transition into the next pose. The really important thing about this breast cancer surgery recovery gift is that it helps women cope with forgotten and unresolved emotions about being diagnosed with cancer. The final relaxation has a wonderful surprise – calming images, which runs for 15 minutes, and leaves women happy and relaxed. This breast cancer surgery recovery gift is probably best for women who have done yoga at least once or twice in the past.

A “Doctors Orders” Get Well Soon Care Package and Gift Basket from Amazon might be a more appropriate breast cancer surgery recovery gift for older women who aren’t into yoga. Finding the best gift idea after breast cancer surgery depends on how well you know your patient. The Get Well Soon Gift Basket is lovely, but not as practical as the Mastectomy Gift Bag for patients – which is the next breast cancer surgery recovery gift…

Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery Gift Idea

A Double Mastectomy Gift Bag®  is one of the most popular breast cancer surgery recovery gift ideas, and is actually a “breast cancer recovery bag.” It includes pillows, toiletries, amusements, and other things women need to heal after surgery. This gift includes things you wouldn’t think of – that women need to recover after breast cancer surgery – such as drain care supplies.

Below are several more breast cancer surgery recovery gifts, plus a quick list of six gifts for women after breast cancer surgery. Every gift in this list is based on a tip for healing from a surgeon.

Remember the main purpose of a breast cancer surgery recovery gift: you’re giving hope and showing how much you care by helping her recover after breast cancer surgery. It’s a traumatic to have breast cancer surgery and it takes a long time to recover – but you can be part of the healing process.

A Variety of Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery Gift Ideas

The following tips for recovering after breast cancer surgery are from the University of California San Francisco’s Mastectomy: Instructions After Surgery. Each recovery tip for breast cancer is connected to a gift idea, to help survivors heal from a single or double mastectomy.

Dry shampoo and pampering items. Since breast cancer patients aren’t able to shower until after the drain is out, she’ll need something to keep her feeling fresh and clean. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is very popular, and will help her feel like a beautiful woman again. A more elaborate and thoughtful breast cancer surgery recovery gift is an Art of Appreciation Spa Gift Basket for Renewal and Refreshment. The basket will last long after her healing, and will be a continual reminder that you’re thinking about her as she heals from mastectomy surgery.

Delicious fibrous foods. Since narcotics for pain management after mastectomy surgery can cause or worsen constipation, patients are encouraged to increase her fluid intake and eat high fiber foods such as prunes and bran. A local bakery may have a good assortment of high-fiber fruit and bran muffins (though they are often very high in fat). A healthy gift basket – such as a Art of Appreciation Healthy Gourmet Food Gift Basket – is a wonderful breast cancer surgery recovery gift idea.

20 Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery Gift Idea

Plush blankets and pillows. After breast cancer surgery, oncologists recommend icepacks to decrease discomfort and swelling – particularly to the armpit after a lymph node dissection. A small pillow for her neck or armpit area may decrease discomfort and help her heal. This breast cancer surgery recovery gift idea can also be re-used after the mastectomy surgery.

Since bruising and some swelling is common in women after mastectomy surgery, a wonderful gift idea for her is a Super Soft Black Borrego Plush Throw Blanket – perhaps with a soft plush pillow. She’s healing from a traumatic surgery, and needs all the comfort and pampering she can get.

Throat lozenges. Mastectomy patients have tubes down their throats during the mastectomy surgery. This often causes a sore throat for a few days after surgery, so she’ll really appreciate throat lozenges to soothe her throat and magazines to read while recovering. The Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Lozenges, Ginger with Echinacea is a practical breast cancer surgery recovery gift idea.

Magazines. Give her three or four magazines about things she enjoys reading about. Personally, I would love a O, The Oprah Magazine subscription if I was recovering from breast cancer surgery! It’d be a wonderful surprise every month for a year – not just as a one-time breast cancer surgery recovery gift.

Encouragement to exercise, such as Yoga DVDs. The post-mastectomy recovery tips include exercises that help patients regain movement and flexibility. A healthy gift idea for her is a Yoga DVD for Breast Cancer for Patients and Survivors that increases her strength and flexibility. If she had a lymph node dissection, doctors encourage NOT exercising until after her first post-operative visit. If you like the yoga DVD gift idea for after a single or double mastectomy, encourage her to listen to her surgeon’s tips for healing after the mastectomy.

Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery Gift Basket

Fruits and veggies. The hospital recommends that a mastectomy patient drinks eight to 10 glasses of water and non-caffeinated beverages every day. This helps clean her system after mastectomy surgery – and so do fresh fruits, vegetables, and lower fat foods. Help her recover from her surgery by giving her a Fruit, Cheese and Nuts Delight Fruit Basket.

An eReader (books are heavy and cumbersome). Even if she doesn’t like to read, she may be forced to when she recovers from surgery! A Kindle eReader or Kobo is one of the best gift ideas for her after breast cancer surgery, because she won’t be able to lift her arms or hold them up for long. Splurge on the latest Kindle, and load it up with fiction and non-fiction books.

Offers to take her to her follow-up appointments after the mastectomy. Patients have to see their surgeons for at least one follow-up appointment after a single or double mastectomy, and one of the best gift ideas for her is company. She may not be able to drive, and might really appreciate the support. You might also offer to help her keep track of her doctor’s appointments, via a shared calendar.

20 Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery Gifts

Hope and faith for healing. A symbol of hope – such as a Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace on Amazon – is one of the most heartfelt breast cancer surgery recovery gifts. It’s a visual reminder of healing and love, and can help keep her strong.

Amazon’s Heart-Shaped Locket With a Butterfly is another beautiful and thoughtful mastectomy gift idea for a woman with cancer, because she can put photos of loved ones inside.

The most important breast cancer surgery recovery gift is your presence. I think it’s difficult to know what to say when a friend, sister, wife, or coworker is recovering from breast cancer surgery. An acquaintance recently emailed me that she will undergo a double mastectomy in less than a month, and I didn’t respond until today. It took me five whole days to figure out what to say! Granted, I don’t know her well – I’ve only met her a couple dozen times through walking our dogs. But, the best gift you can give anyone is your presence.

By the way, I recently wrote Journaling Tips for Breast Cancer Survivors because of new research about how expressive writing affects the health and wellness of breast cancer survivors. A journal is a lovely gift for a mastectomy patient, if she enjoys writing. There are a couple links to pretty journals in that article.

Invitations for small walks. Today I emailed my dog walking acquaintance who will soon be undergoing double breast cancer surgery, and asked if she wanted to walk with me and my dogs. I haven’t see her for over two months because of her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. After the mastectomy surgery, she will be encouraged to get up and out of bed to take small walks. A healthy gift idea for her – or any woman recovering from breast cancer surgery – are regular, consistent text or email invitations for short walks. Walking can be restarted right after a double or single mastectomy…and who wants to walk alone?

For more tips on supporting a patient after breast cancer and mastectomy surgery, read How to Help a Friend Whose Mom Has Cancer.

6 Breast Cancer Surgery Gifts

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