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The Adventurous Writer Laurie Pawlik Kienlen
Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

I’m glad you’re here, and encourage you to stay in touch! Feel free to sign up for my blog posts or weekly Echoes of Joy newsletter. I write to help people hear the echoes of Jesus, sense the presence of the Holy Spirit, and walk humbly with God.

My name is Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen; I’m a full-time Master of Theological Studies student and writer. I created my She Blossoms blog family 10 years ago (originally as Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals). My most recent blog is Echoing Jesus.

I live in a treehouse overlooking the Pacific Ocean and study at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada.

In Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back (published by Bethany House), I help women move forward through loss, into a new season of life. I’ve been through a lot — and I bet you have, too. It hasn’t been easy, has it? But our stories aren’t over yet. The echoes of Jesus tell us that best is yet to come.

A Glimpse of My Life

My mom struggled with schizophrenia and nervous breakdowns my whole life; I lived in three foster homes and was living on my own at 17 years old. My mom lives in a group home for elderly adults with mental and physical disabilities in Saskatchewan.

I follow Jesus but my dad is Jewish, born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. He still lives there. I didn’t meet him until I went to Israel when I was 29 years old.

I lived in Kenya, East Africa for three years. I taught Grade 8 Language Arts and High School Journalism at Rosslyn Academy, an American school for missionaries’ and ex-pat kids in Nairobi.

My undergraduate degrees are in Education and Psychology from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton. My Master of Social Work (MSW) is from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada.

I started volunteering with the Big Sisters/Big Brothers organization in 2012; my “Little” Sister was 11 when we were matched. Soon I’ll be visiting her in Quebec — her dream is to attend university in Montreal! I was a Little Sister myself when I was 10 years old, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I’m still in touch with my Big Sister today; she lives in Toronto, Ontario.

As a freelance writer, I’ve written for a wide range of magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Day, MSN Health, Natural Health, Spirituality & Health, and sometimes More.

I didn’t get married until I was 35. I married Bruce, who I met when I was 18 and he was 21. He was a bartender at Chi Chi’s Mexican Restaurant, and I was a waitress. We were friends for a long, long time (17 years!) before we finally got married. We struggled with infertility and can’t have children because of azoospermia. We chose not to get in vitro fertilization (IVF), though we did try intrauterine insemination (IUI). Those fertility treatments didn’t work; we decided not to adopt or foster kids.

I’ve written several “She Blossoms” books and ebooks, and have been earning a full-time living as a blogger and writer since 2008. My first traditionally published book is Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back.

Currently I’m studying Christian theology at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. My goal is to earn my Master of Theological Studies degree within the next couple of years. I’m a full-time student, writer, and follower of Jesus.

After I turned 40, I got my Master of Social Work (MSW) and taught myself to play the flute. I also started painting with oils and acrylics (a dream come true!). I also went on my first mission trip to Haiti.

I’ll be 50 soon; I dream of wandering the world, seeing what the Holy Spirit is up to, and writing about God on my Echoing Jesus blog.

My “She Blossoms” Blog Family

I started blogging as a way to make money more than 10 years ago, which means I have a huge variety of articles. I’ve changed so much since I first started The Adventurous Writer and my “Quips and Tips” blogs – and I’m not thrilled with everything I wrote. I’m a new person now, but I don’t want to delete or erase my old blog posts. I’m trying to update them to reflect the new me (the Holy Girl God created me to be!), but it takes a lot of time to rewrite 2,000 blog posts!

My past is part of who I am today, and who God is creating me to be. Thus, my past articles and blog posts reflect who I was when I first started writing. They aren’t who I am now. Though I’d love to rewrite all my old articles (for both writing/editing practice and to reveal who I am today), it’s not a top priority because I’m no longer concerned what people think. I know who I am in Christ, and that’s all that matters.

My two most popular blogs are: 1) How Love Blossoms – articles about marriage, relationships, and healing from breakups, divorce, and other losses in love; and 2) Blossom Tips – articles about life, work, family, career, and spirituality.

Laurie Pawlik Kienlen Vancouver blogger writer Blossom
Jackson and Me

Originally called Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships, She Blossoms in Love and Relationships contains my first love and relationship articles. That blog grew too big — a victim of its own success — and I had to create a new garden.

Once called Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals, She Blossoms in Life has all my first articles about goals, life, family, and work.

Originally Quips and Tips for Successful Writers, She Blossoms in Writing is the first blog I started, back in 2008! My goal was to share my writing journey and help my fellow scribes get published.

And finally, I started Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility when my husband and I discovered we can’t have kids. She Blossoms in Health contains my articles about trying to get pregnant and deal with childlessness.

Farewell – For Now!

Your thoughts are welcome on any of my blogs – I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments section below, or on any blog post.

Don’t forget to sign up for my free weekly “Echoes of Joy” newsletter. We can stay in touch now, and look forward to meeting in God’s new creation one day! Won’t that be cool?

In peace and passion,


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30 thoughts on “About Laurie”

  1. Hi Laurie, So glad I found your website. I have been divorced for 25 years. recently retired. My Life is blessed in so many ways – but I do get lonely. You are a believer in Jesus – So I need to know how you feel about people getting married again, even though the scriptures are against it. I know of the three reasons the Bible allows for divorce – Adultery, When a non believer leaves the marriage of a believer & The death of a spouse. So many people need a companion to endure the hardships of Life – but Jesus doesn’t give any mercy for remarriage in other situations. Please give me your feed back. Thanks, Leslie

  2. teresa Ann d'alessandro

    i am a horse lover too – i’m a senior citizen and would love to hear some encouraging words

    1. Teresa, hello! Did you sign up for my Echoes newsletter? If not, just reply “yes, sign me up” here. I email Christian encouragement and “Echoes of Jesus” every Wednesday, and would be happy to add you to my list.

      Here’s the link, if you’d like to sign up yourself:

      With horse-y love πŸ™‚

  3. My name is Melinda Glase and i suddenly lost my husband of 40 years in December. We have been together since I was 18. I enjoyed reading tips even though I had to read through the tears. I am seeing a counselor regularly /exercising daily and talking and crying daily. I am finally coming out of the numb and starting to actually mourn. I have 2 grown sons and 3 grandchildren and one on the way in June. I work full time alhough I can work from home. The grief was debilitating at first and now I have some better moments.I would love to sign up for your blossom Tips.

  4. Hi Laurie,

    I found your pet loss page wonderful. I don’t know if you ever refer people to other websites, there are many, and when you have lost a pet it is such a tough thing to go through, so you search for knowledge and comfort to help get through the pain and sorrow. I did find one, and perhaps you already have it there in some of your numerous lists, that I found to be outstanding. I am sending you the URL so you can take a look. I know you are dedicated to helping people, so anything you can do or recommend is greatly appreciated by all of us. Perhaps you know Dr. Becker who put her website up, but she is excellent in my opinion, and goes far further into explaining all aspects of aging and death of pets in a video, than I have ever read before. I think it would be so helpful for the people who have submitted their stories and expressed their tears, loss, regret, guilt, and feeling totally lost in trying to deal with their individual situations. Thanks again for your site and giving people a place to tell their stories. God bless you. Linda

  5. Hello Desda,

    Thank you for your request! Yes, I’d be honoured if you published my Office Politics piece in your magazine.

    All good things,

  6. Laurie,

    I am the managing editor of HR Magazine, published by the Society for Human Resource Management. We would like permission to publish one of your past blog posts as a sidebar to an article we are publishing in an upcoming issue:

    β—ΎOffice Politics – 9 Secrets to Increasing Your Influence at Work

    Please let me know if we can obtain permission to publish this content.

    Desda Moss

    HR Magazine
    Alexandria, Va.

  7. Dear Haley,

    Thank you for being here – you sound like an awesome person! Very energetic and encouraging πŸ™‚

    I’m honored that you’d consider working with me, but my focus is on writing. I don’t give advice — but I believe that having a mentor is incredibly important for anyone. It sounds like you just need a mentor or a Big Sister-type person in your life. I encourage you to keep your eyes open, and trust God to bring someone who can walk alongside you in that capacity. I’m not that person, but I know you will find the mentor you need if you keep looking and asking.

    Be well. You are stronger than you think, smarter than you know, and more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.


  8. Hi Laurie,
    Your blog has made me feel better than any other blog I’ve ever read. You talk about a lot of things that I struggle with, and it makes me feel like there is hope in the future. I’m wondering, and this might be far-fetched, if you are able to do some sort of online counseling/advice giving? I’m a college student who has been struggling a lot over the past year, and it would be great to talk to someone who seems to have similar interests to me. Thank you so much! Love, Haley

  9. Hi Laurie,

    I was search the web for stop stress eating ideas and saw your post on TheAdventurousWriter – https://theadventurouswriter.com/blog/how-to-stop-stress-eating-late-at-night/

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that I created something that would be a great addition to an upcoming blog post on the topic (if you have any upcoming work on the subject). It’s a list of 51 stop emotional eating ideas with descriptions of each one.

    Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in and I can send it your way to check out.

    Either way, keep up the great work!

    – Terence

    P.S. Kudos on all your features on canadaartsconnect and besthealthus. I’m a regular reader of those blogs πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Tanleh,

    Thank you for your message – I’m happy to hear from you! I’m glad you found my blog, and wish I could offer ideas and inspiration for you.

    I actually don’t know of any infertility support groups in Vancouver. I did start a group for women called WWAP (Women Who Aren’t Parents), but found it a little depressing. I didn’t know what to do with the group, and didn’t want to focus on being childless! So I let it go.

    Now I have a group called Blossom πŸ™‚ We meet every 3 weeks and work on whatever art projects our hearts desire, from sewing to knitting to painting.

    I’ll forward you my latest Blossom newsletter to your email address, and you can sign up if you want. I’d love to keep in touch, even though I don’t have anything to offer in terms of support groups for couples coping with infertility!


  11. Dear Laurie,
    Hello and Happy New Year to you…

    My heart is racing and I am feeling a little “out of sorts” as I write this message to you this morning. Finding your website, only 5minutes ago has left me feeling… well I’m not quite sure yet. Let me explain… My husband and I, met a tender age when life was throwing us all sorts of curve balls. We have known for 20 years, and we have been together for 10 of them.

    Five years ago we were told that we would not be able to have children. We were told it was male factor. We were devastated. We were hurt. We were wounded. We did not pursue any sort of ART, nor did we adopt. And now we are now realizing that the pain caused by this life experience continues and does not offer closure – as there are constant reminders and expectations from the family, friends, the media, the society, the world around us. We searched desperately for support groups specifically for couples who cannot have children and there are NONE in the lower mainland as far as we know.

    We are writing to you in search of any information you may have about support/networking groups for couples specifically like us – who did not make the choice not to have children, who did not pursue alternatives, but who are still in need of healing. What a serendipitous encounter for me this Sunday morning as I randomly decided to look up “infertility support in Vancouver” before my morning walk. I have researched this in over a year and had nothing more than an “inkling” this morning. I thank you so kindly.
    With heart.

  12. Happy New Year, Laurie. Thanks for this blog. It’s really one of the best I’ve ever belonged to — one of the Top 5, no doubt! πŸ™‚

    I’m 67 years old and struggling with retirement. Your article on acceptance is taking the anxiety out of my life, and the rest of your blog is helping me to build my life again.

    Thanks so much. And, yes, there are MANY benefits re not having children!

  13. Laurie,
    We had to put our dog down today….heartbreaking but your dog blog pulled me through my tears.
    Thank you for your wisdom, sharing and caring, qualities the world needs more of.
    Best to you and your family,
    Iz (www.rabbisson.com)

  14. Laurie,

    When I came across your article and blog, I couldn’t stop reading! Your story is very inspiring – keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  15. Hi! I didn’t have your email address to let you know you one a COUPON for $1.00 off the wine that I wrote about this morning on UBC blog entry for the day! So can you contact me with your address at carolyncavies@yahoo.com Thanks and congrats!

  16. Tracy,

    Thank you so much for your comments! I really appreciate your words, and am very glad you’re here. I’m re-reading Corinthians so I can see what you’re talking about πŸ™‚


  17. Laurie,

    Thanks for your honesty! You may not be a traditional publishing success story, but I know that your honest writing has touched the lives of many. I see 2 Corinthians 1 lived out through your writing. What an inspiration you are!!

  18. Dear Laura,

    Thank for your interest in interviewing me for your Journalism assignment! However, I am going to Peru in a few hours, and don’t have time to answer your questions.

    I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful — if you can wait until I return on Feb 26, then I can answer your questions then!


  19. Laura Blanc de Silva

    Dear Laurie,
    I am taking a Journalism class in College. This week assigment is to write an article about Valentine’s Day and it should have 3 interviews. I started doing research online and I found your excellent blog with a lot of tips that can help me write my article. But in order to do that I have to ask you some questions. There is a lot of info about yourself online so it is hard not to be repetitive. Forgive me if the info I am asking, you have alredy posted. Here they are:

    List your favorites (book, movie or play, quote, poem, website, type of food or individual dish, music genre, song, band or individual musician, perfume, clothing style or designer, etc.)
    What are your greatest stresses and what causes you the most anxiety in your life?
    What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?
    What are the most critical problems faced by people in your field in this city/state/country? How do you think these problems should be handled?
    What’s the hardest thing for you about being a blogger? How do you address that?
    Favorite weekend activity?
    What’s your favorite funny story about yourself?
    Name one thing about yourself that most people don’t know.
    What makes you laugh?
    Do you have any plans to spend a different Valentine’s day?

    Thanks so much in advance.

    Warm regards,


  20. Dear Pete,

    You made my day – thank you so much for your comments! Sometimes I wonder what difference I make, so it’s good to hear from my fellow writers πŸ™‚


  21. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your blogs on writing for some time now, and I’ve learned so much from you! You were the inspiration that started my desire to self-publish some of my writing, and your advice has been indispensible. I really appreciate your experiences and your willingness to share your advice. Please keep it up, because I know there are a lot more “writers” like me who just need the extra push and advice that you provide to start their career.

  22. Hi Dale,

    Thanks for your comment! I think you’re doing such a great thing with your blog – I love the idea of building a community to help people who are bouncing back and healing from heart disease.

    I’ll go check your site out now.


  23. Laurie,

    I just celebrated my one year anniversary from an emergenccy open heart procedure. My blog HeartFeltNews.com is my way of trying to help others in what I refer to as Our Community – those who have experienced heart disease, want to avoid it, or care for someone is dealing with it.

    My brief story is one of ignoring clear and obvious signs that something was very wrong, and very luckily going to the doctor just before I would have had a fatal heart attack – at age 53. I continue my recovery every day and I’m learning every day more about who the members of Our Community are.

    Very few days go by that I don’t think about how lucky I am to have been given a “second chance.” It has bee a humbling experience.

  24. Dear Nicola,

    Thank you for being here! I really appreciate your kind words, and hope that you continue to find inspiration and encouragement on this site.

    Some days are certainly heavier and harder than others, aren’t they? I heard Jian Ghomeshi interview a professor yesterday; he said we shouldn’t expect to be happy all the time. Life can’t be all ups — there has to be downs — and we have to learn how to ride the downs.

    I hope you keep in touch during the ups and downs!


  25. Laurie, I happened on this site and I’m glad I did, I’m living in North Vancouver and was pleased to see you live nearby! You have amazed and re-inspired me and I want nothing more than to be inspired to become the positive, happy woman I was a few years ago after reading your story. I’ve had some setbacks in the last few years, including losing a lot of money to a dating scam and am suffering still as I struggle to make ends meet (my income is mostly low) after losing my “cushion” to the scam. I’m living alone which I don’t do well, my daughter moved back down the road to live with her dad (and older brother) as it truly is her “home” and I only wanted her to be happy so I let her go. It wasn’t a reflection of my mothering abilities at all. I spend as much time as possible with her and see her most days as she goes to the highschool just down the street from my home, but I miss having her living here. Anyway, I have been with my boyfriend nearly 3 years now and I just posted on the site about his “need to be alone” shutting me out when he’s suffering with anxiety hoping there will be some other women who have similar issues. My boyfriend love each other deeply and are very content and happy when we’re together but he shuts down sometimes. thank you Laurie for being such a great inspiration and role model for me.

  26. You aren’t ONLY the Bounce Back Babe, you are also a Energetic Inspiration. You are one busy lady. Thanks for sharing your trials and successes with us. (Also, the fact that you haven’t been published yet says more about the failure of the industry than your failure as a writer.)