Best Power Yoga DVDs to Increase Energy and Fitness

Here are my favorite yoga DVDs, plus tips for choosing the best yoga DVD to achieve your energy and fitness goals. Doing yoga at home is easier and more efficient than going to yoga class – and far less expensive!

Best Yoga DVDs for Weight Loss, Stretching, and EnergyOne of my favorite yoga DVDs is Baron Baptiste’s Power Yoga Level 2 – my husband and I practice it twice a week. Check it out; maybe it’ll become one of your favorites, too! I love Baron Baptiste’s yoga DVDs – especially his Power Yoga Level 2 – but that doesn’t mean it’s the best yoga DVD for you.

Here’s what Baptiste says about his style of yoga: “Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga offers a different kind of yoga practice. It’s based on intuition rather than tradition. If you think you need to go to a health club to be fit and beautiful, think again. If you think that you need to escape to a cave in the Himalayas to find the enlightenment that yoga promises, think again. Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga offers more than the familiar poses and breathing techniques; it offers a way to face life with a renewed personal strength.”

If you’re a believer, read How Christian Yoga and Spiritual Exercises Make You Strong. And, here are the best yoga DVDs on Amazon, plus a few tips for choosing the best yoga DVD for you.

Best Power Yoga DVDs to Increase Energy and Fitness

Here are several different types of yoga DVDs to suit different types of personalities, fitness and weight loss goals, and body types…

Aim True Yoga DVD

Kathryn Budig aim true best yoga DVDKathryn Budig’s Aim True Yoga is my current favorite way to stretch after a day or two of not doing yoga. My husband and I do this yoga DVD at least twice a week, and I even took it with me when we traveled to his parents’ place for a week-long Christmas visit.

This DVD has three yoga workouts:

  • Beginner’s Practice (25 minutes) – Kathryn s easy to follow, energizing, Vinyasa practice. This is my favorite workout on this yoga DVD.
  • Authentic Flow (45 minutes) – This intermediate flow allows you to push to the next level with Kathryn s expert instruction
  • Five Favorite Poses (10 minutes)- Kathryn takes a workshop approach to five popular poses…demystifying and breaking them down for you into easy to follow steps.

After I do Kathryn’s Aim True yoga, I can feel my blood bubbling with strength, power, and optimism! And, I love that I can literally see my strength and flexibility improving. It’s not the easiest yoga workout, which is probably why I love it.

Yoga for Weight Loss

best yoga DVD for weight lossAshley Turner’s Element: Yoga for Weight Loss is not as “hard core” as Baptiste and not as easy as other yoga DVDs I’ve tried – it’s right in the middle.

I sweat when I do this yoga DVD, which proves to me that it’s good for achieving weight loss goals. What I love about Ashley’s weight loss yoga DVD is that she doesn’t just focus on losing weight. She helps us tune into what really matters in life, such as who we spend our time with and what we think about. This yoga DVD is more psychological and emotional than spiritual, which I like.

Yoga to Release Your Spirit and Energy

best shiva rea yoga DVDThis is one of the best “wild women” yoga DVDs! Specifically for women, the “Goddess of Yoga” Shiva Rea leads you through a slow, gentle, meditative yoga workout.

Shiva’s Yoga Shakti DVD is probably the most new age-y practice on this list. I don’t get into the goddess stuff, but I do like her physical exercises. I hesitated to include this on my list of the best yoga DVDs for weight loss, energy, and flexibility because I tune out her spiritual meditative talk. But I do like her yoga exercises, and she is one physically strong woman! One of the best yoga exercises is the arrow (you act as if you’re an arrow, aiming at a specific target. Great for cardio and strength).

Boot Camp Yoga DVD

best yoga dvd jillian michaelsI love, love, LOVE Jillian Michaels’s Yoga Meltdown DVD. She is one of the most popular, most encouraging, and strongest fitness instructors in America, and her Yoga Meltdown is a boot camp guaranteed to get you in shape.

Jillian Michaels is the Biggest Loser’s trainer, and her yoga DVD combines hard-core yoga poses with her personal training techniques. It’ll get your heart rate going, which is a great way to burn calories. I only do this DVD every couple of weeks, because I usually turn to my yoga practice when I need to stretch out. Jillian’s yoga DVD is one of the best for burning calories and increasing strength.

Easy Yoga DVD

The best yoga DVDs aren’t just about achieving weight loss goals! Yoga is also about spiritual and physical healing. Yoga for the Rest of Us focuses on healing and strength for people with arthritis. The exercises will increase your range of motion, loosen stiff joints, and help you relax and strengthen your muscles at the same time.

If you’re new to yoga, you might find Best Yoga Tips for Beginners helpful.

4 Tips for Choosing a Yoga DVD

Before you decide which yoga DVD is best for you, consider these suggestions…

Figure out your goals for practicing yoga

Do you want to tap into your spirit and intuition? Achieve your weight loss goals? Become more flexible? Work out in a different way? Are you trying yoga for the first time, or do you need to change your “same old” yoga routine? If you can get specific about why you want to practice yoga and what you want to achieve, you’ll be more likely to find the best yoga DVD for you.

Remember that you don’t need to practice yoga perfectly

“We encourage you to develop a flexible mind,” says Baptiste. “You don’t need to be physically flexible. All you need is to focus on letting go, sweating, breathing, moving, and respecting your limitations.

Power Yoga DVDs for Energy and Fitness

Best Power Yoga DVDs to Increase Energy and Fitness

A yoga pose will expose blocks and imbalances. Soon the tension will release and your range of motion will naturally increase. As you dissolve brittleness and blockage, your body will regain a more child-like suppleness. Remember that the main goal of Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga is to build and maintain physical and spiritual vitality, not to wrap your legs behind your head (although that may occur).”

Read the yoga DVD reviews on Amazon – but take them with a grain of salt

For instance, an Amazon reader said that the Shiva Rea yogini workout made her sweat. It doesn’t make me sweat – but Baptiste’s yoga DVD does. I’ve found that the best way to find a yoga DVD that works for me is to try it out. I’ll look at the reviews on Amazon, but really need to experience the yoga workout to find out if it suits me.

Set up a yoga DVD exchange with friends

If you can’t afford to buy several yoga DVDs but want to find the best one for you, set up an exchange program with your friends, family, and coworkers. Get five friends to buy a different yoga DVD each. Set up a rotational system, so everyone gets to try a different yoga DVD every month. That way, you won’t get bored of the same old yoga routine and your body won’t adjust and stop responding to the same exercises.

If you want to go beyond yoga DVDs, read 10 Benefits of Yoga Poses for the Grieving Process.

And if you have any thoughts or tips for buying yoga DVDs, please comment below!


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  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comment, Ashley! I agree that it takes time to learn yoga, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But, when you have the best yoga DVDs, you’re halfway there :-)

  2. Ashley Miles @ Improving Your Personal Growth

    Thanks for the tips. Yoga is not something that you can learn overnight. When learning yoga you must be willing to devote time and be committed. By doing this you will be able to achieve the benefits of yoga, which can be life changing.