Best Creative Halloween Costumes for Girls and Women

These are the best and most creative Halloween costumes for girls and women because they include details. The more specific your Halloween costume is, the more creative it will be!

Best Creative Halloween Costumes for Girls and WomenThe Sexy Red Fancy Dancing Colorful Off Shoulder Gypsy Women Costume is one of my favorites because it reminds me of a beautiful black gypsy dress I found in a thrift store. I bought the dress, but never wore it. I was too chicken! It was so eye-catching, which is what I loved about it.

That’s the catch 22 with finding the best creative Halloween costumes for girls and women: if you succeed, you’ll be the center of attention. For introverts like me, that’s not such a good thing.

This list of the best Halloween costumes for women includes all ages, sizes, and shapes. If you’re shaped like a peach like me, you might find the costume ideas in 11 Halloween Costume Ideas for Plus Size Women more suitable. These best creative Halloween costumes for girls and women will fit any size or shape, but my plus-size costumes include different types of tips.

Best Creative Halloween Costumes for Girls and Women

These costume ideas for women and girls range from pilots to can can girls, and include Victorian pirates, female Zorros, and peasant girls.  I also included links to Amazon, to make your Halloween costume planning easier…

Pirate Swashbuckler

Best Creative Halloween Costumes for WomenThe California Costumes’ Women’s Swashbuckler Costume or a female Pirate Swashbuckler isn’t one of the most creative Halloween costumes for women, but it’s a good role model for girls! A Pirate Swashbuckler is a strong, ruthless, seaworthy female pirate. You could dress up as the fictional Elizabeth Swann from The Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you want to really be creative and unique, read about the real female pirates Mary Read or Anne Bonny. Some of the best and most creative Halloween costumes for girls and women are based on real people from the past.

“Wardrobe Malfunction” Halloween Costume

The Wardrobe Malfunction costume isn’t one of the best or most creative Halloween costumes for girls. And, it may be a boring thing of the past for women. It features a huge naked boob popping out of a dress or blouse. Not a real one – a fake plastic Halloween boob.

But maybe you want to get wild and crazy this Halloween! Here’s what Gwen Stefani says: “Being in a band you can wear whatever you want – it’s like an excuse for Halloween everyday.” Wouldn’t that be wild – to dress up like it’s Halloween every day, and go to work? It’d be exhausting for introverts, who don’t like to be the center of attention. If you’re an introvert, you might enjoy wearing a inside a mask or glamorous head piece, such as a Venetian mask that revelers wear at the Carnivale every year in Venice.

Jane of “Tarzan and Jane” fame

I had the Jane Halloween costume for years, and never got tired of wearing it! I love how powerful, strong, and smart Tarzan’s Jane is – but my Halloween costume wasn’t the best because it was too revealing. What I love about this costume, though, is that you can be really creative in the accessories you choose (eg, a saber tooth tiger necklace, bones in your hair. That’s why I included one – it’s an easy homemade Halloween costume for women.

Wonder Woman Halloween costume

Creative Halloween Costumes for Girls and WomenYou might be wondering why I included DC Comics Secret Wishes Wonder Woman Corset Costume on my list of best creative Halloween costumes for girls and women. So am I!

Actually, the reason is that Wonder Woman is a great role model. The Wonder Woman costume is both strong and sexy – and it’s a tried-and-true favorite Halloween costume for women, worn by females of all ages!

Here’s a money-saving tip for Halloween: Go to a second-hand store such as Value Village or the Salvation Army, to find ready-made Halloween costumes or eclectic and vintage clothes. You can shop with your costume in mind, or go with an open mind and pull something together as you shop.

Can Can Girl

Red Can Can Girl – this may not be the “best” Halloween costume for girls – but it depends how old your girl is. It’s totally open to interpretation, and how she wears the costume. To learn more, check out the Red Can Can Girl costume on Amazon.

Female Zorro

womens creative halloween Zorro costumesThe Female Super Deluxe Zorro Costume is an alternative version of the Swashbuckler Pirate Lady Halloween costume for women If being a pirate doesn’t suite your tastes, go as a female Zorro. After you gather your sword, mask, and black hat – all you need is a white steed! To learn more about this costume for girls and women, go to Female Zorro.

Catwoman or Batgirl Halloween Costume

Okay, Catwoman or Batgirl aren’t exactly the best or most creative Halloween costume for women or girls, but they are definitely tried-and-true favorites! To see if this costume is for you, go to Catwoman, Batgirl, or Spiderwoman.

Creative Gangster or Mafia Girl Halloween Costume

This Halloween costume for women can be sexy, tough, aggressive, intimidating, and illegal – or a mixture of all of the above! Again, it’s a great choice for a homemade Halloween costume because it’s open to your interpretation and imagination.

Creative Medieval Renaissance Queen or Peasant Girl

Creative Best Halloween CostumesThe Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume for Women is similar to a Medieval Renaissance Queen or Peasant Girl Halloween costume.

Vintage stores may have tons of gorgeous dresses to choose from – but start your Halloween shopping and planning early.

Sexy Witch Halloween costume for women

There are so many witch costumes – and even the sexy witch Halloween costumes for women aren’t the best or most creative costumes anymore.

That said, however, you could ditch the old notion of a witch wearing a shapeless black cape and hideous nose. Instead, create a simple homemade costume out of a sexy black dress with a ragged black hem and sleeves, black choker necklace, wild black hair, high heeled black shoes, and dramatic gothic makeup. This could be one of the most creative Halloween costumes for girls and women because it’ll be unique. Not a store-bought costume.

If you want to dress up like a taco, read Food Costumes – Homemade, Creative, Quick and Easy.

What’s the best creative Halloween costume you’ve ever seen for girls or women? Ideas and tips welcome below!

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