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Are You Ready to Quit Drinking? 10 Benefits of Staying Sober

Let’s be honest: getting and staying sober isn’t easy. But if you focus on these ten benefits of quitting drinking alcohol and spirits, you’ll find it easier to control the urge to drink alcohol every day. At the end of this article I also included two excellent resources on how to stop drinking and start feeling better about yourself, your health and your life.

Do You Want to Quit Drinking? 10 Benefits of Staying Sober

Do You Want to Quit Drinking? 10 Benefits of Staying Sober

On my article How to Quit Drinking and Stay Sober Jim said, “Sometimes it’s easier to stay sober when I call a buddy who is also an alcoholic, other times it’s best just to not talk about my craving for a drink. Your tips on how to stop drinking are good, but the reality is that not having a drink is like not breathing for an alcoholic.”

These tips for getting and staying sober may not be as effective for alcoholics because of the severity of the disease of alcoholism. Rather, these benefits of quitting drinking are geared towards problem drinkers like me, who want to slow the train down before it derails. I’m far more motivated to learn how to stop drinking after writing about my reasons not to drink. Perhaps you’ll find some encouragement as well – and if you have any words of wisdom, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below!

10 Benefits of Quitting Drinking and Staying Sober

I brainstormed these awesome reasons not to drink because I think I may be a problem drinker. I enjoy having Happy Hour every day at 5 pm, unless I have an evening commitment. My Happy Hour consists of at least two glasses of wine, and I usually polish off half a bottle of wine before dinner.

This bothers me. So, in an effort to figure out how to quit drinking every day I decided to explore the benefits of quitting drinking. Perhaps my reasons to quit my daily Happy Hour will change how you see your drinking habits…

More time

This is the biggest benefit of quitting drinking for me: more time in the evening to paint, respond to blog comments, clean the house (yay), and plan our trip to Croatia (yay!). When I drink half a bottle of wine before dinner, I eat later and have hardly any time left in the evening to pursue things that make me truly happy. Wine makes me happy, but not truly happy.

Better relationships

If you’re searching for the benefits of quitting drinking because alcohol is damaging your relationships, then this might be one of your biggest benefits of quitting drinking. Alcoholism and problem drinking is brutal on relationships; learning how to stop drinking every day can only improve your interactions with others.

Better sleep – and better sex

Alcohol disrupts sleep patterns and decreases the quality of your sleep. Unfortunately, research shows that quitting drinking disturbs sleep as well. That’s why some alcoholics struggle to stop drinking. One of the benefits of quitting drinking isn’t an immediate improvement in sleep quality, but an eventual return of a good night’s sleep. Zzzz’s are most awesome. Sex is most awesome. Why ruin those two awesome things for something that isn’t that awesome at all?

Read Natural Sleep Remedies for Sleepless Nights if you want to stop drinking and are worried about not sleeping well.

Weight loss

how to stop drinking

10 Awesome Benefits of Quitting Drinking

Do you know how many calories are in a glass of wine – not to mention half a bottle of wine? I don’t, but I know it’s lots. I’m very conscious of what I eat, but when it comes to drinking I couldn’t care less. That’s why I think I’m a problem drinker. I’d never drink a Coke or Pepsi because of the calories, but it’s no problem to suck back half a bottle wine? Bad baby.

Weight loss can be a wonderful benefit of quitting drinking – as long as you don’t increase your food or other beverage intake to reward yourself for drinking less alcohol.

Healthier organs

Do you know how hard your liver has to work to clean all those alcohol toxins from your body? I don’t, but I assume it’s a lot of work. That’s why alcoholics have liver damage and disease, and why their doctors and family members give them tips on how to stop drinking. A healthier body is without a doubt one of the best benefits of quitting drinking.

Good mornings

If I drink wine more than two days in a row, I wake up feeling emotionally gross. Not physically hungover, but disappointed in myself that I drank yet again last night. I love those mornings that I wake up feeling happy and pleased with myself! I don’t need to stop drinking to feel good about myself every morning, but I definitely need to stop drinking every evening if I want to face myself in the mirror.

Good role model for others

A couple years ago my article How to Help an Alcoholic Brother or Sister was in my Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts. Problem drinking may not be “as bad” as the disease of alcoholism, but it definitely affects families in negative ways. One of the benefits of quitting drinking is that you’re a healthy, inspirational role model for your family and friends. You can help others get and stay healthy if you learn how to stop drinking.

More motivation and creativity

This might be one of the benefits of quitting drinking that most appeals to me; it’s related to the time benefit above. I recently taught myself how to paint with oils and acrylics. I’ve painted in the evenings after dinner, and the nights that I’ve had Happy Hour are definitely less productive. I’m not motivated to create, I’m not inspired to draw, and I’m too tired to figure out what painting to work on.

More money

Benefits of Quitting Drinking

10 Awesome Benefits of Quitting Drinking

How could I forget one of the most valuable financial benefits of quitting drinking? More money to spend on awesome stuff like travel, painting supplies, dog treats, and extra mortgage payments.

We bottle our own wine, so my drinking habit only costs me about $3 a day. And it’s excellent wine! Which is why I’m having such a hard time figuring out how to stop drinking. So money isn’t one of the biggest benefits for quitting drinking for me. But hey, three bucks is three bucks.

“Making wine is like having children; you love them all, but boy, are they different.” – Bunny Finkelstein.

Increased sense of joy and peace

I hate drinking every day, and yet I love drinking every day! This has created a real struggle for me. Every day I wonder if I should have Happy Hour again today, and every day I decide that drinking half a bottle of wine every evening is not a healthy, good, or Godly choice. Drinking daily doesn’t glorify God. I know this, yet I also know it’s not easy to simply figure out how to quit drinking.

One of the benefits of quitting drinking is the peace that comes with sobriety. I’ve decided to have Happy Hour every second or third day, and I feel good about that decision. I don’t need to stop drinking entirely – I just don’t want to feel like I need to drink every day. Sharing these benefits of quitting drinking has strengthened my resolve to cut out my daily Happy Hour.

What do you think of these most awesome benefits of quitting drinking? Share below. I can’t offer advice, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to stop drinking every day.

Help Quitting Drinking and Staying Sober

Do You Want to Quit Drinking? 10 Benefits of Staying SoberIn Stop Drinking Now, Allen Carr explains the mental process of addiction and how to reverse that process easily, painlessly and permanently.

Stop Drinking Now includes a free hypnotherapy CD that will help ingrain the benefits of quitting drinking in your body, mind, and soul. Most drinkers are convinced that it s almost impossible to stop drinking and to free themselves from addiction; they also feel unable to solve any of the widespread problems drinking causes. Stop Drinking Now shows you how to get and stay sober immediately, painlessly and permanently.

Allen Carr understands drinkers and how they think and – without being judgmental or patronizing – takes them through the process of how to get alcohol out of their lives. In this book, you’ll learn why you fall into the trap of drinking, the psychology behind being addicted and how to quit drinking once and for all. This book has more compelling evidence than ever before that your addiction to alcohol is much less physical than it is mental. Alcohol is not something your body needs, but something your mind thinks it needs.

Benefits of Quitting Drinking

In I Need to Stop Drinking! How to Stop Drinking and Get Back Your Self-Respect, Liz Hemingway describes her struggle with quitting drinking in sharp detail. Her experience with alcohol is shocking, but it’s uplifting and encouraging. If you’re a problem drinker, you’ll learn the benefits of quitting drinking – and you’ll be motivated to deal with your craving for alcohol.

Are you sick and tired of what drinking alcohol and spirits is doing to you; would you like to quit drinking? Are you fed up of the horrible hangovers and that sickening feeling when you remember what you did the night before? Have you tried to quit drinking but never managed? Read I Need to Stop Drinking. Liz Hemingway writes from the heart and with brutal honesty. She has experienced first-hand the devastation that alcohol can have on you. Drinking alcohol takes over your mind and soul and self- respect. Liz shares her “escape from alcohol” plan that worked for her – and it may help you live the life that you always wanted for yourself and the people that you love.

If you’re interested in learning how families affect drinking habits, read The Favorite Child is Less Likely to Use Drugs and Alcohol.

Quitting drinking is easy. I’ve done it hundreds of times. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Quit Drinking? 10 Benefits of Staying Sober”

  1. Thanks for your comments, M! Quitting drinking isn’t easy…I really do enjoy the taste and effects of alcohol. But booze really does steal my health, time, energy, money – and it has caused problems in my relationships. It does help to focus on the benefits of quitting drinking, but it’s still hard to just stop. I’m not an alcoholic. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to stop drinking if you’re addicted – but thinking about your reasons to not drink beer or spirits might be helpful.

    Other tips on how to quit drinking would be welcome! Remembering your evening because you stayed sober instead of drinking is an excellent benefit – especially if you’re a writer or storyteller 🙂

  2. “I’ve done it hundreds of times”

    Me too…. I go through phases of no drink, then back to drink. The phase of no drink is much more fun. I recently went on a night out and for the first time ever I didn’t drink. I had a great time, and even had an after party in my flat! I was so worried that all the fun from my life would go, but I proved myself wrong. I can still party, have fun, and even act silly, without the drink, and people will still want to party with me… My main fear about quitting drinking was always turning boring, or that I’d lose out on the amazing stories that I’ve got from my nights out (I have some great stories if I’m honest). The reality is; I can still do all that, and create all those stories without a drink… only now, I can remember them all vividly.