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Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear – A Surprising Health Tip

Here are a few reasons – health benefits – of not wearing underwear. Sometimes you need to give your family jewels a breath of fresh air, especially if thong underwear is your undergarment of choice.

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Today’s health tip is about taking a break from wearing underwear. I actually wasn’t too surprised to find this health tip because I’m constantly searching for health stuff, and sometimes I think I’ve heard it all.

That said, however, I wear underwear all the time. I can’t imagine not wearing underwear, especially out in public! But there are some health benefits of not wearing underwear when you go to bed at night (besides sex).

The Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear

Then, the reason you shouldn’t wear underwear: “Wearing no undergarments – or just cotton ones – allows the external genitals to dry and reduces bacteria growth that could otherwise make its way into your urethra and cause a bladder infection,” says Dr. Sherry Thomas, an OB-GYN and surgeon at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, California on CNN’s “fast and easy tips.”

Letting ALL your body parts – not just the private ones – air dry can be very healthy. It’s most hygienic and healthy to wear underwear during your regular day, especially if you’re leaving the house.

The best time not to wear underwear is overnight

benefits of not wearing underwear

Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear

Have a bubble bath or relaxing shower, and sleep in your birthday suit! This gives your privates a chance to air out. If you tend to wear thong underwear a lot, this will also give your bummy a break.

Another benefit of not wearing underwear when you sleep is it may revive your sex life. If you’re coping with a chronic illness, you may not feel like being intimate with your partner. But if you wander around the house in the evening without wearing underwear, you may find yourself revving up! And we know that sex is very healthy for our bodies…so the surprising health tip of not wearing underwear may actually benefit your illness in the long run.

Why you should wear underwear when you’re out in public

Rashes, lice, infections, and discharge on your clothes are risks for now wearing underwear in public. So when I suggest you forego wearing underwear, I’m only talking about when you’re sleeping! I don’t recommend going commando under your office or school clothes (though some people do, and say they love it).

I welcome your thoughts on the benefits of not wearing underwear below…especially if you’ve been going commando and you think it’s healthy and awesome! 🙂

“Always wear pretty underwear, on account of you just never know.” – Jill Conner Browne.

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16 thoughts on “Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear – A Surprising Health Tip”

  1. I go without undies all the time. Advantages: a feeling of freedom, comfy, dryness, and makes you feel good knowing your free while interacting with other. Disadvantages: no sexy undies, and you stand a chance of getting urine or feces stains on your pants. While I probably own more types of undies than most men, commando is always fun!

  2. Hello

    Me I’ve been going commando for two years now. I will admit that it feels much better then with underwear. Especially when it’s way hotter than normal in my area. I’m just north of Detroit, Mi. It was 88 degrees outside. So I am happy I don’t wear any underwear in that heat because I feel worried about my area down there

  3. If I don’t wear underwear I don’t feel comfortable. I understand these reasons for not wearing underwear but I definitely want to keep my shorts on!

  4. I stopped wearing underwear around 15 years ago. It has been so nice. The comfort without underwear is amazing. I never thought it would be so nice. There are occasions when I do wear underwear but not often.

  5. I wear underwear all the time I really can’t imagine not wearing them but it doesn’t hurt to try new things ?

  6. I am male 61 years old. I too, learnt freeballing very young, may be around five or six, when in shorts, in my family with my parents, who were also underwearless in summer. My grand parents -at least on my father side- were also going commando. My grand father was freeballing, and I saw him often dressing in summer as doors were always opened, as I was sleeping in a room aside my grand parents bedroom.

    It was for comfort with more breathing and also for a bit less laundry , with no underwear and no socks for the family to take care of.
    This was in France in the early sixties. In fact, as I quickly appreciated it, it has been soon no brief at all for me when at home or during vacations.

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