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Beginners Workout Tips From My Favorite Pilates Instructor

Here are four of the best workout tips for beginners, from my favorite Pilates fitness instructor. I interviewed her for an article about working out, for a health and fitness magazine.

Lara Hudson is the “star” of the 10 Minute Solutions DVDs. They’re the best home fitness workout I’ve ever done, which is why I wanted to pick her brains!

Finding the exercise that suits your personality, body, and lifestyle is the most important workout tip for beginners. I used to hate working out at home, even though I loved the idea of saving time, money, and energy — I always thought going to the gym was a waste. But I could never find the right workout DVDs – until I tried Hudson’s 10 Minute Solutions Rapid Results Pilates.

She’s my favorite Pilates instructor because she’s perfectly paced, encouraging, and full of exercises that are challenging – yet they feel great.

Here are her workout tips for beginners – whether you’re new to Pilates or new to working out in general!

Make your own soundtrack

If you have trouble getting on the treadmill or elliptical machine, music is a great motivation. And, it can set a time structure for your cardio workout.  Spend a few minutes at home building a playlist on your iPod – organize your favorite songs so there is a warm up, crescendo and cool down reflected by the music selection, and be sure to give your playlist a time limit – 30 minutes, 45 minutes – so that you stay on that cardio machine until your soundtrack is done!

Take a variety of fitness classes

Since most gyms offer a vast array of classes included in the price of your membership, taking fitness classes can be an effective beginners workout tip that will help you achieve your fitness goals.  Classes are great because the instructor designs the workout for you – sometimes it’s hard to create a workout on your own and you may get bored and unmotivated wandering around the gym with no game plan. Doing a variety of classes – circuit, weight training, dance, yoga – will mix it up, keep your workouts exciting, and all you have to do is show up and participate!

Work out your abs, abs, abs!

Your abdominals are some of the largest muscles in your body, and they can be worked out every day.  After your cardio workout, drop down onto a mat and do the classical Series of 5 from the Pilates Method.  If you’re not familiar with this series, sign up for a Pilates group class and ask the instructor to teach it to you.  The Series of 5 includes 5 different types of sit-ups that work and tone every abdominal muscle in the body, and if done everyday, you’ll have a gorgeous, slender waistline in no time.

Another way to learn the Series of 5 is to check out Hudson’s newest 10 Minute Solutions Pilates for Beginners.

Learn how to stretch properly

At the end of your cardio workout or class, take time for deep stretching — my favorite Pilates instructor says it’s another one most important workout tips for beginners.  Since your muscles are warm from all the intense work you’ve put them through, they will be ready to lengthen and relax.

Breathe deeply and stretch the back of your legs with deep forward folds, stretch your spine with twists, and stretch your shoulders by interlacing your fingers and reaching the arms behind the back.  Stretching is a perfect way to calm your body and mind before leaving the gym and returning to your busy life. Plus, stretching is part of your workout and a great way to exercise.

What are your favorite workout tips for beginners? Comments welcome below…

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