Anti-Aging Tips

9 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Young

How do you keep your skin looking young naturally? These skin care tips don’t cost money; they’re from “America’s Favorite Dermatologist” Dr Tess Mauricio. A bestselling skin care product is Red Serum’s Advanced Dermatology Vitamin C Serum + Hyaluronic Acid and Dark Spot Remover. It’s a topical skin care set for reducing scars, wrinkles, and age spots. This serum is one […]

How to Cope With Being Alone When You’re Old

Don’t wait until you’re “old” to cope with your fears of aging and being alone! Here’s how to build a life of peace and happiness – and how to cope with being alone in old age – whether you’re 45 or 95. Find the lighter side of aging in This Is Getting Old: Zen Thoughts on Aging with Humor and Dignity. Susan Moon […]

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How to Protect Your Skin in Dry Weather and Cold Climates

Do you live in a dry Saskatchewan climate? Here’s how to protect your skin in dry weather and cold climates. Skin dries out if it’s deprived of water; this dryness often causes itchiness, resulting in a condition commonly referred to as “winter itch.” “Most of us experience dry and itchy skin from time to time, but you should seek medical […]

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Thinking About Getting Plastic Surgery? The Best Place to Start

If you’re wondering if you should get plastic surgery, you need to start here – with the basics! These tips will help you figure out if you’re getting plastic surgery for the right reasons. “It’s good to have options, and as long as we make informed choices and have reasonable expectations about what plastic surgery can accomplish, I am in […]

Natural Eczema Treatment – An Easy Oatmeal Bath Recipe

The best way to treat eczema naturally is to relax in a skin-soothing bath of oats! This easy oatmeal bath recipe will help soothe your skin problems. Some foods cure you when you eat them; other foods cure you when you sit in them. If you’re hesitant to make your own oatmeal bath, you might try Aveeno’s Aveeno Active Naturals Skin […]

Protein Rich Foods for Healthy Hair and Skin – What Protein Does

What does protein do? This isn’t just a list of protein rich foods for healthy hair and skin – it’s a description of how protein increases our hair, skin, and body health. These tips are from doctors and medical estheticians, as well as a dermatologist who wrote a book about improving aging skin. “Protein can be found in a wide […]

What Does Protein Do

A Facelift Without Surgery – 6 Tips for Ageless Skin

You don’t need to get surgery to look like you had a facelift! These tips for ageless skin start with step one: realize the difference between how your skin looks (extrinsic skin age) and how old your skin really is (intrinsic skin age). The second step is figuring out how to lower your extrinsic skin age – which is what […]

Ageless Skin Care Tips