10 Steps to Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals

Achieving your fitness and health goals is easier with these tips from celebrity fitness trainer Amy Cheryl, who was once an obese teenager of over 200 pounds on a 5′ 4″ frame.

First, a quip from Paula Abdul about enjoying exercise:

“Find fitness with fun dancing,” said Abdul. “It’s fun and makes you forget about the dreaded exercise!”

That’s one way to achieve your fitness and health goals: find ways to enjoy working out! Check out the Core Rhythms 4 DVD Dance Exercise Starter Package to get an idea of what Abdul is talking about, and read on for fitness trainer Amy Cheryl’s tips on how to achieve your fitness and health goals…

10 Steps to Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals

1. Be in the present moment. The past keeps us tethered and the future keeps us fantasizing. While it is wonderful to learn from our past and be propelled by the future, the only way to achieve your fitness and health goals is to be in the present. It’s here where we can take action!

2. Set realistic “mini goals.” The thought of achieving your fitness and health goals can often be paralyzing and overwhelming. Where do you start? Put mini goals into your calendar – a little bit each day. Be specific about what you’ll do every day, ahead of time.

3. Shift your thoughts. Change the record in your head when you start thinking negatively about achieving your fitness and health goals. Shift the thoughts to “I CAN do this and I am worthy of achieving this goal!” and “I can do this bit by bit, so it really isn’t a lot of work” and “I can find a way to enjoy the steps.”

4. Be patient. Remember the famous cliché: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Achieving your health and fitness goals takes time, patience, and perseverance.

While you’re being patient, read What is More Important When You Want to Lose Weight – Exercise or Diet?

5. Reward yourself when you achieve your fitness and health goals. Even little achievements are a big deal! ALL steps in the direction of your goal are a big deal-not to be taken lightly. Pat yourself on the back, take the afternoon off at the beach, get the massage, and give yourself recognition for the work you are putting in.

6. Don’t give up on your goals! I once heard a line in a movie: “You can’t fail, if you don’t give up.”  This was an a-ha moment for me. I’ve experienced this on a personal level which actually carved the way for my passion in my career. As an obese teenager of over 200 pounds on a 5′ 4″ frame, I know that when you put your mind to something and never look back, even when there are setbacks-inevitably your goal is achieved.

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7. Believe in yourself! Release doubt from your vocabulary. You are your greatest cheerleader! Doubt, worry, fear, and lack of self-confidence are all illusionary thoughts that don’t really exist and can keep you from achieving your fitness and health goals. We are powerful beings with unlimited potential! Think of all of the great inventions and people that have made their mark in this world… they are NO different from you and me.

8. Surround yourself with supportive people. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference this makes in achieving your fitness and health goals. One of the most effective weight loss tips is surrounding yourself with people who want to see you slim, fit, and healthy. This is why support groups are so successful and popular. It is okay to ask for assistance when paving a new path for yourself.

9. Find role models that inspire you to achieve your fitness and health goals. Instead of feeling jealousy and envy, be inspired by fit, healthy people. See that they have helped pave the way for you to achieve your goals!

10. Support others in achieving their fitness goals. We are all mirrors for each other, and expanding your belief in others will help you believe in yourself. The greatest power is the power of love. This can come through in many different packages-one of them is honoring your brothers and sisters as they are no different from us, and they have their own personal goals. Encourage them, and you’ll feel supported as you work towards achieving your fitness and health goals.

For more tips on achieving your health and fitness goals, read How to Lose Weight When You Hate Sweating or Can’t Exercise.

Amy Cheryl is the creator and founder of Flexxation Sculpting Systems…Exxtasy Thru Exercise! She’s a Master Teacher to the Trainers in Los Angeles, CA.

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