5 Tips for Attracting More Money Into Your Life

Whether your financial goals include buying a house, paying off your credit card debt, or making your final student loan payments — these tips for attracting more money into your life and creating financial abundance will get you started (and, hopefully, see you through to the end!).

Before the tips, a quip about money from J. Paul Getty:

“Money is like manure,” said Getty. “You have to spread it around or it smells.”

Getty’s quip is a variation of the “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket” idea…to achieve your financial goals, don’t invest all your money in your house, stock options, education, car, or business. Spread it around as much as you can. That way, if one financial risk fails, another may pick up the slack.

Brian Tracy’s book Getting Rich Your Own Way: Achieve All Your Financial Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible is a fantastic resource for creating financial abundance. And, here are five ways to attract more money into your life…

5 Tips for Attracting More Money Into Your Life

1. What would you attempt if you could not fail? Think BIG when you’re setting your financial goals – not unrealistic or unattainable, but slightly bigger than your first instinct. For instance, if I want to earn $35,000 a year as a freelance writer, then my financial goal might be to earn $50,000. Setting your goals slightly higher than you first think possible can motivate you to achieve greater things.

2. Revisit your money goals as necessary. Re-evaluate your financial goals every 3-6 months to make sure they aren’t unattainable. Be open to setting new goals, or revising them! You’re setting yourself up for failure if you set goals that are too lofty – you need to find the right balance. For example, if I earned $10,000 in 2008 as a freelance writer, then my financial goal of $50,000 for 2009 may be too high…which can be demotivating.

3. Set specific financial goals. Whether you’re buying a house, paying off credit card debt, or making student loan payments — avoid vague money plans. You won’t attract more money into your life if you don’t know how much money you want by when! Instead, figure out exactly how much you need to save per month to buy the house, pay off your debt, or make your student loan payments. You’ve heard it before because it works: make a monthly budget and stick to it.

4. Make your financial goals personal. “Make sure the goal is really your goal,” writes Larry Winget in People Are Idiots. “You can’t work with true commitment on a goal that isn’t yours, even if it’s a goal set by your boss, spouse, or doctor.” Your doc may not be setting your financial goals – but your partner, boss, or peers might be influencing you! Instead of comparing your financial goals and income to people around you, focus on what you want to achieve.

5. Don’t just focus on achieving financial goals. You need balance in your life – as a workaholic writer and blogger, I know this firsthand! Not balancing yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally, and professionally leads to burnout and failure. To achieve your financial goals, spread yourself around a little. Adopt a healthy balanced lifestyle – you don’t necessarily have to set goals in every area of your life, but you do need to use every room in your house.

If you’re an emotional spender, read 10 Articles About Separating Money From Emotions.

What do you think about these tips for attracting more money into your life? I welcome your comments below…

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5 thoughts on “5 Tips for Attracting More Money Into Your Life”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Naomi!

    I’m glad you pointed out that life isn’t about saving money and paying off debts….if you’re alone and without love, then what’s the point in achieving your financial goals? They’ll be empty and meaningless without a rich inner and outer life (rich in other ways, that is!).

  2. Of all the tips, the most helpful was remembering that your entire life isn’t about saving money and paying off debts. Without friends, family, a spiritual life, or even a hobby (and the must-do walk in fresh air), a life can get so small, it’s hardly worth paying for. Thanks for that invaluable tip.

  3. Achieving your financial goals involves focusing on what you have — not your credit card bills, debt, or mortgage payments. It’s about growing your little pile of change into a mountain of cash, with very specific, deliberate strategies.

    No “get rich quick” schemes — just plodding towards wealth, one day at a time.

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