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Best Ways to Work Out With Pilates Fitness DVDs

These tips on how to work out with Pilates fitness DVDs will help you tone down and shape up! I alternate between working out with these two amazing Pilates fitness DVDs every day – and here are my tips for working out at home. It’s cheaper, more convenient, and easier…and, for me, the results have been better than any Pilates class or gym workout I’ve experienced.

Before the tips, a quip about exercise:

“An hour of basketball feels like 15 minutes. An hour on a treadmill feels like a weekend in traffic school.” – David Walters.

The idea is to choose a fitness class, DVD, or activity that you enjoy doing – so you don’t have to force yourself to work out! Here are my tips for exercising with two Pilates “10 Minute Solution” fitness DVDs, featuring Lara Hudson and Suzanne Bowen. I LOVE these 10 minute solutions DVDs because they actually work.

10 Minute Solution: Pilates Perfect Body with Bowen is a bit more difficult than Hudson’s 10 Minute Solution: Pilates.

And here are my tips for doing Pilates at home…

Best Ways to Work Out With Pilates Fitness DVDs

Take a Pilates class or two first

I’ve taken a few Pilates classes in person, and I really think they help my Pilates workouts at home. Some fitness centers offer a free introductory Pilates class – and there are many beginner Pilates Fitness DVDs on the market. If you’ve never taken Pilates before and want to start working out at home, I recommend starting with the basics and working your way up.

Pick the Pilates Fitness DVDs you love

As soon as I start the Pilates DVDs and hear Lara and Suzanne’s voices, I feel both relaxed and energized! The idea behind the 10 Minute Solutions is that there are five 10 minute segments, each focusing on a different area of your body (abs, buns, full body, stretching, arms). You can do one 10 minute workout, or all five, for a 50 minute workout. This is brilliant and effective.

Switch up your Pilates Fitness DVDs

Don’t do the same workout or fitness DVD every day. It’s boring, and your body will adapt – which means you’ll stop seeing results. I alternate my workout by jogging one day, working out with Lara’s 10 Minute Solutions the next, jogging the next, working out with Suzanne’s 10 Minute Solutions, etc. This way, I’m working out every single day – but it’s always different.

Don’t compare yourself to Lara or Suzanne – or anyone!

One of my best tips for working out at home with Pilates fitness DVDs – or whenever you see a fit, trim, perky exercise instructor – is to stop comparing your body to hers. Her job is to be fit and toned, and she’s probably had years of dance training, exercise instruction, and other athletic endeavors. She is who she is…and you are who you are. Accept and appreciate both your bodies, without making comparisons.

Set a specific time for working out

I’m a full-time freelance writer, and my scheduled fitness break is from 11-12 noon or 4-5 pm. I don’t decide each day whether I should work out…I just schedule it in and do it.

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Notice the changes

When you’re working out with Pilates fitness DVDs (or any exercise routine), pay attention to how your body is responding to the activity. If you stick to your workout schedule, you will notice improvements in your muscle tone, energy levels, and mood. Keep these positive changes at the forefront of your mind, to increase your motivation to exercise.

Celebrate your improvements

Both Lara and Suzanne’s “10 Minute Solutions” Pilates DVDs contain some really difficult exercises. I couldn’t do all the exercises at first, so I did the modifications they suggested. Now, I find that I’m working my way up to the hardest exercises. To keep working out at home with Pilates fitness DVDs, stay focused on how you’ve been improving. Celebrate that it’s easier to do certain exercises and enjoy the fact that you’re learning and getting healthier and stronger every day.

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