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6 Money Saving Tips for Weddings – Bridal Bargains to Spend Less Money

Finding the best bridal bargains will start your marriage off on the right foot by helping you spend less money on frivolous items. Plus, these money saving tips for weddings can help you save up for a romantic honeymoon getaway in Maui! 

Here’s what a financial expert says about getting married:

“Chances are, plenty of those tying the knot find themselves tied in knots over wedding debt,” says financial expert Brad Stroh, co-founder of Bills.com. “Before you start handing your credit cards to wedding planners, florists and photographers, take time to create a wedding budget with your partner. The process will be an excellent exercise for planning your future – and you’ll lay the groundwork for a solid financial footing for your life together.”

Bridal Bargains, 9th Edition: Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget is a fantastic resource for saving money on your wedding. And here are six tips from a financial advisor…

6 Money Saving Tips for Weddings – Bridal Bargains to Spend Less Money

1. Evaluate the true price of your dream wedding. In the long-term, is your dream wedding truly affordable? Ignore TV commercials that suggest spending three months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring. “Do you have the cash in hand to pay the wedding bills? If not, can you work together to save it before the big day?” Stroh asked. “Very few couples benefit from paying off a $25,000 debt as they begin married life.” In fact, many couples would rather spend for a down payment on a home and pay off debts so they have a fresh financial start together. This money saving tip for your wedding will not only save thousands, it could jump-start a retirement fund.

2. Explore less expensive wedding plans. Including only close family and friends can provide a memorable occasion, as can casual nuptials on the beach. Opting for a cheesecake buffet rather than a four-tier cake can save hundreds. Plus, dozens of books and websites offer bridal bargains and tips on saving money on wedding planning. Whether “budget” means $1,000 or $15,000, any couple can find something that fits their style — as long as they can talk about money as a couple.

3. Draw on your friends’ talents. Consider requesting services as a gift from friends or the bridal party — this is a sentimental yet effective wedding money saving tip! A gourmet-cake-baking aunt, a cousin who is a professional photographer or a neighbor who is a florist might provide reduced-cost or free services as a gift.

4. Stick to your budget. Planning a wedding requires a budget. List expense categories and put a price tag on each one. Don’t forget small items that add up quickly, like tips for service professionals, gifts for the bridal party, and expenses for “extras,” such as a brunch for far-flung relatives the morning after the ceremony. 


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2 thoughts on “6 Money Saving Tips for Weddings – Bridal Bargains to Spend Less Money”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I can’t remember who I ordered my wedding flower arrangements from, but it was so inexpensive! I only had two bouquets for the maid of honor and bridesmaid, and one for me; it was less than $200 for all three, and they were stunning. Of course, I didn’t order huge floral arrangements — I think we asked family members to bring their best vases and flowers.

    Thanks for your wedding budget tip, Patricia! And, if you can’t make your flower arrangements yourself, you could put the call out to friends and family….many people take flower arranging classes or have a natural affinity for it, and they’d be happy to put their talents to work.

  2. Another great tip I think is to consider making your own flower arrangements. Of course this takes time and may not work for a very large wedding, but it is something to think about. Flowers are a very expensive part of a wedding……or can be.