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5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight – Fat Loss Tips

These easy ways to speed weight loss are from certified personal trainer Jini Cicero. Her fat loss tips range from “stop doing cardio” to “burn fat while you sleep”!

Before her tips, a quip:

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~ Edward Stanley.

If you don’t take care of your body and physical health now, it won’t take care of you later. To get and stay motivated to lose weight, click on The Biggest Loser Workout – Power Sculpt (it works for some people!). And, read on for Cicero’s five fat loss tips…

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight – Fat Loss Tips

Of course, the most important — and easiest in theory — formula for losing weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn off. To learn how I lost 25 pounds after getting married, read 8 Best Ways to Lose Weight — Healthy Eating Tips.

1. Get into group fitness. A social support system is an easy, essential way  to lose weight. A recent Swiss study concluded that participants in an exercise program who have someone to share the experience with, whether it’s a friend, spouse, or other participant in the same program, are significantly more likely to lose fat than those who decide to “go it alone.”

2. Stop doing cardio! Traditional long, slow cardio is a thing of the past.  The only tissue that burns fat in the body is muscle.  Aerobic endurance training will eventually teach your body to use its own muscle as a fuel source (notice the difference between the “lean body” of an endurance athlete versus that of a sprinter).  Aerobic training demands work from the muscles, but not as much as other activities.  Weight training and anaerobic cardiovascular training (such as sprinting) has a greater effect on decreasing body fat than aerobic conditioning does.

3. Save the crunching for your cereal. Your abdominal muscles have a more important function than flexing your spine — your abs stabilize your spine. In fact, the muscles of your mid-section make it possible for your torso to stay upright instead of falling forward due to gravity. So your abs and lower back actually prevent your spine from flexing. An easy way to lose weight is to train your core for stability.  Abdominal training should focus on stabilization (both static and dynamic) – not movement. For info about a great ab workout, read 7 Tips for Working Out With Pilates Fitness DVDs.

4. Burn fat while you sleep. An effective workout doesn’t have to go longer than 30 minutes — IF the intensity is high. Total body resistance training places a demand on the body that creates an “after burn.” The after burn can elevate the metabolism for over 36 hours after exercising. Calories continue to be burned for an entire day and a half after the workout — and so does fat loss. What a metabolism boost! So if you want to burn fat around the clock-while you work and while you rest, make sure to make total body resistance training a part of your workout routine.

5. Pop vitamin C to keep the pain away. Vitamin C may play a role in repairing muscle and connective tissue.  Anecdotal reports suggest that antioxidant supplementation might be effective in minimizing delayed onset muscle soreness (though there are no clinical trials to support this). Some people who began taking vitamin C to ward off colds have noticed a decrease in post-workout soreness. Always check with your doctor before considering taking vitamin C (or embarking on any weight loss or exercise program).  Large doses of vitamin C can, in some cases, be harmful.

If you have any questions or thoughts on these fat loss tips, please share below…

For more info about Jini Cicero, visit JiniFit.com.

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  1. This site is good for people who want to lose their unwanted weight and fat. I would just add that you have to change the way you eat and you have to become more physically active, if you want to keep the weight off.