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How to Beat a Traffic Ticket – 7 Tips for Fighting Fines

Knowing how to beat a traffic ticket doesn’t just save money on the fine, it keeps insurance costs low. These tips for fighting fines aren’t just about hiring traffic ticket specialists or paralegals; they include what you can do to beat your speeding ticket in traffic court.

“While many people instinctively want to ‘beat the system’ after receiving a traffic ticket, there are some factors which should be considered before deciding whether or not it is worth the effort to fight a ticket – or how a ticket should be fought,” says lawyer Aaron Larson. “Many people are disappointed by their first experience with traffic court. It is not uncommon to hear people complain that the magistrate overseeing the traffic court did not listen to a single word of their defense, or that the police officer lied and got away with it. When you consider fighting a ticket, be aware that it is usually an uphill battle.”

Yikes. But while beating a traffic ticket may be an uphill battle, there are things you can do to fight fines – especially if you have a book like Beat Your Ticket: Go to Court & Win!Read More »How to Beat a Traffic Ticket – 7 Tips for Fighting Fines