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13 Tips for Easy Halloween Costumes, Parties, and Pets

Happy Halloween! These 13 tips for easy Halloween costumes, parties, and pets will make October 31 more enjoyable and stress-free.

Before the tips, a quip:

“If I had my life to live over, I would perhaps have more actual troubles and fewer imaginary ones.”  ~ Don Herold.

Don’t borrow trouble this Halloween, my friends! One of my favorite tips for an easy Halloween is to start planning early. Buy your trick or treat chocolates and candies now, and put them away until October 31. Click on the gift basket for a direct link to easy Halloween shopping, and read on for my 13 tips for easy Halloween costumes, parties, and pets…

Tips for Easy Halloween Costumes

1. Plan your Halloween costume early! There’s nothing more stressful than scrambling at the last minute. Start thinking about your costume for October 31st at the beginning of the month (at least!). If you don’t want to buy a new costume, think about doing a costume exchange – read 7 Tips for Throwing a Halloween Costume Exchange Party for details.

2. Get a comfortable costume. To make your Halloween easy and fun, get a costume that doesn’t make you feel sweaty, awkward, or constricted. Choose a costume that you can breathe easily and move freely in.

3. Avoid real props. Real swords, knives, and devils’ pitchforks can be lethal and threatening. Sacrifice authenticity for safety! Use flexible, smooth Halloween props that aren’t likely to draw real blood.

4. Spend less money on Halloween costumes. Spending a hundred dollars (or more) on a “trick or treat” costume doesn’t make Halloween easy or fun! Instead, create classic or scary costumes from your tickle trunk at home, your grandmother’s vintage clothes, or a second-hand store.

Tips for Easy Halloween Party Planning

5. Set realistic expectations, and chill. You may not have the time, energy, or inclination to throw the best Halloween party in history – so don’t set your expectations too high. The best tip for an easy Halloween is to simply go with the flow. Enjoy planning the party, enjoy the spirit of October 31st, and have fun at the party itself!

6. Make room for your pet. Put your dog, cat, or other pets in a party-free zone. This reduces the chances of allergies, costume malfunctions, or other problems. And it keeps your pets safe!

7. Pre-select guests to plan Halloween games. This tip for an easy Halloween involves involving your friends and family. Ask people to plan a Murder Mystery Night or a scavenger hunt. Delegate the trick or treat details so you can take care of the whole picture.

8. Consider a Halloween theme party. If you’re worried about mingling and hosting your Halloween party (doing both at the same time can be very stressful), plan a theme party in advance. If all the guests are focused on a single theme – such as from a scary movie like Friday the 13th – then they’ll have lots to talk about. You can relax and enjoy a stress-free Halloween party!

9. Send invitations as early as possible. Giving your guests lots of notice (four weeks at least) is a great tip for an easy Halloween. This gives your friends and family time to plan a “trick or treat” costume, and you time to plan your party.

Tips for an Easy Halloween for Pets

10. Separate animals and candles. Put all candles, lit Jack-O-Lanterns, and other fire hazards away from wagging puppy tails or curious kitties. Make sure there’s nothing poisonous or harmful for curious cats or dopey dogs to ingest.

11. Carefully consider pet costumes. Halloween costumes for pets may look cute, but they can stress your pet out. If your dog or cat is unhappy, it could lash out at a guest or trick or treater. Make sure your pet is receptive to a Halloween costume before you dress it up.

12. Give your pets the right Halloween treats. Your dog or cat can enjoy Halloween tricks and treats – just make sure it doesn’t eat chocolate, tin foil, candy, etc. Give your pet bona fide dog or cat treats, and keep the Halloween candy safely hidden.

13. Hide your black cat. Some pet experts recommend hiding your black cat a few days before October 31st – not just on Halloween night. When it comes to pet safety, it’s better to be extra safe than really sorry.

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