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10 Tips for Beauty from the Inside Out

This guest post about beauty tips from the inside out is by Gail Konop Baker, author of Cancer is a B**ch: Or, I’d Rather be Having a Midlife Crisis. These tips are about increasing your natural beauty – not getting cosmetic surgery or wearing more makeup!

Curious about this book about cancer? Here’s what author Sara Gruen says:

“…smart, funny, hopeful… I loved this book: Read it!” – Gruen (who wrote the bestselling book club hit Water for Elephants).

“When people ask me for beauty tips, I think they’re asking about what I put on my skin or my hair,” says Baker. “Though I do have favorite beauty products, my best beauty tips are from the inside out.”

To learn more about her, read Cancer is a Bitch.

And, read on for her 10 tips for beauty from the inside out…

10 Tips for Beauty from the Inside Out

For more tips, read 5 Tips From Women Who Are Happy With the Way Their Bodies Look.

1. Always drink plenty of water. In fact right now before I keep writing this list, I’m going to get a big glass for myself. Hold on. While you’re waiting, read How Food Affects Your Skin’s Appearance.

2. Eat plenty of fruit especially juicy fruit. It’s hydrating. And just like the water it keeps the skin looking softer. In fact if you’re hungry go for fruit first. Extra beauty tip: the juicier the better!

3. Eat vegetables especially leafy greens. Also salmon, avocado and nuts. All these foods hydrate the skin. Limit caffeine, alcohol, white sugar, salt, let’s just say white anything. Extra beauty tip: don’t eat white stuff! For more tips on how food affects your appearance, read 3 Natural Anti-Aging Tips and One Myth.

4. Exercise every day. The body craves this and sweat is a natural detoxifier. Exercise also pumps blood to the surface of the skin so your face is rosier without make-up. And it releases endorphins that make you look happier and relaxes the facial muscles. It also helps you fit into your skinny jeans.

5. Stand on your head every day. And practice yoga regularly. Yes, this does sort fall under the general exercise every day in #4, but yoga has it’s own special benefits. It keeps you juicy, the body and the mind and the soul. I think a lot of staying youthful is about staying juicy. See # 2 and 3. Also, yoga is about inversions, and I think turning your body upside down as often as possible may help reverse gravity. Inversions also give you a different perspective on life flipping your assumptions upside down. Go stand on your head now!

7. Eat chocolate. Dark. I believe in chocolate because cocoa is not only an antioxidant but it is also good for the complexion and has some natural sun protection built in and it also releases feel good chemicals. Plus it just tastes good and that that makes you feel good. Extra beauty tip: feeling good looks good.

8. Don’t sun bathe. I was always so jealous of those Golden Goddess Girls who could tan when I was growing up while I was always too fair and uncomfortable in the sun to stay out for very long. And now? They are dried up and wrinkled and full of age spots. If you want to be nice and brown, consider self-tanners that help you tan without burning in the sun.

9. Don’t be afraid of your power. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to let your most authentic self shine through. Live fully and freely in your body and love who you are flaws and all. Extra beauty tip: flaws are hot!

10. Have sex. Lots of it. It’s free. It burns calories. It releases endorphins. It makes your skin glow. Read 10 Tips for Improving Female Libido if you need a boost!

And one bonus tip for beauty from the inside out:

11. Smile! When you feel like. Don’t fake it. (maybe try #10 to get to #11). Everyone looks more beautiful when they smile!

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Do you have any tips for beauty from the inside out?

For more info about Baker, visit her at Gail Konop Baker.

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