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Best Reasons to Exercise – 10 Weight Loss Motivators

You know you should exercise, but finding motivation is hard. Here are the best reasons to exercise and weight loss motivators – they include a smarter brain, better mood, and deeper, sounder sleep.

Best Reasons to Exercise Weight Loss Motivators

Best Reasons to Exercise – 10 Weight Loss Motivators

My absolute favorite type of exercise are the 10 Minute Solutions DVDs. But, they stopped sending me exercise DVDs to review, so I’ve moved on. Now, I’m into Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones, courtesy of Acacia Fitness – which just happens to be the bestselling exercise DVD on Amazon! The PR peeps for 10 Minute Solutions (Anchor Bay Fitness) shouldn’t be so picky about who they send their DVDs to, huh?

And, I found a funny exercise quotation to go along with the tips for weight loss motivation: “If it weren’t for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn’t get any exercise at all.” ~ Joey Adams.

That’s the absolute worst thing you could do: sit in front of the TV and eat. Of course, it’s our favorite thing to do…but it’ll pack on the pounds faster than my dog can eat her cookie. Speaking of dogs, you might find How to Exercise Your Dog in Hot Weather helpful for those summer days.

Anyhoo, here are the ten best reasons to exercise your body…

Best Reasons to Exercise – 10 Weight Loss Motivators

These ten best reasons to exercise your body will help you achieve your fitness goals – especially if you post them on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or on the dashboard of your car. The more you see your weight loss motivators, the more likely you’ll lose weight and stay slim.

A smarter, healthier, faster brain

Exercise drives more oxygen to feed your brain, making you think quickly and clearly. Learning new physical activities such as dance or jazzercise (or exercise DVDs!) builds new connections between your brain cells and helps clear environmental toxins. Another reason to exercise is that it helps fight free radicals, boosts your immune system, and keeps you healthy and happy. How’s that for weight loss motivation?

Increased energy levels

Who doesn’t want the energy of a five year old or a one year old puppy? Physical activity is not only an effective way to lose weight, it’s also a great way to increase your energy. Having energy to enjoy life without feeling fatigued, fat, or farty is one of the best reasons to exercise! Try different types of fitness training to boost your metabolism, increase your level of energy, and motivate you to stay slim.

I stay motivated to lose weight by trying different workout DVDs – and writing articles like The Best Workout DVDs.

Clear skin, less acne

Regular physical activity promotes circulation and sends nutrients to your skin, making breakouts of acne less frequent. Acne breakouts will clear up faster if you’re regularly sending oxygen to your skin through diet and exercise. So, there’s the third best reason to exercise: the skin of a baby’s bottom.

No more sick days

Now when you call in sick, you’re healthy enough to enjoy your day off!

Reasons to Exercise Weight Loss Motivators

Reasons to Exercise – Weight Loss Motivators

Regular exercise helps combat free radicals and improves your immune system. Physical exercise also helps you sweat out those toxins that trigger disease and infections. Some of the best health reasons to exercise include lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol levels, and a lower heart rate. Exercise isn’t just about weight loss motivation…it’s about getting as healthy as possible.

ZZZZs….no more insomnia!

Another great reason to exercise is a longer, better sleep – as long as you don’t exercise two hours before bedtime. A good night’s sleep improves your brain functioning, helps you deal with pet peeves and major irritations, and allows you to enjoy life more.

Happy shiny feelings

The more you exercise, the better you’ll cope with anxiety, stress and depression. A major benefit of exercise – and weight loss motivator – is that it reduces the stress hormone cortisol. After (and sometimes during fitness training but admittedly not very often), you’ll enjoy more naturally induced happy, positive feelings (endorphins). Health and fitness will give you a natural high, and make you a happy shiny person.

Increased levels of self-confidence

Not only will you have more confidence in yourself if you exercise regularly, you’ll be perceived as kinder, smarter and more likeable (because you’ll feel happy and good about yourself, which makes you attractive). Improved self-confidence is one of the best reasons to exercise…but not the best reason.

The occasional pig out day – the best reason to exercise!

One of Dr Oz’s weight loss tips is to eat whatever you want one day a week (I love that man!). And that’s another reason to exercise regularly: so you can indulge in your favorite gourmet chocolates or mouth-watering cheese-covered nachos without feeling guilty! What a great weight loss motivator: a weekly pig out day, and regular exercise to keep you happy and healthy. Could life get any better?

A sweeter sex life

Physical activity and fitness training sends more blood to all parts of your body, making you respond more quickly to sexual touch. You’ll enjoy physical intimacy more not only because you’re losing weight (another reason to exercise!), but because you’re growing more confident about and happy in your body.

Strong, lean muscles (a boring weight loss motivator for me, I must admit)

The more you exercise, the stronger and healthier your muscles will become – and the better they’ll serve you. Your metabolism will increase if your muscles are lean – even when you’re not exercising. Diet and fitness aren’t just about feeling better about yourself, losing weight, or improving your immune system – it’s about getting fitter and stronger so you can enjoy life more.

For more weight loss tips, read 7 Ways to Get a Better Workout at the Gym in Less Time.

What do you think about these weight loss motivators? What’s your favorite reason to exercise?

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2 thoughts on “Best Reasons to Exercise – 10 Weight Loss Motivators”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comment, Samantha! I, too, love the feeling of having worked out. It’s funny how difficult it is to motivate yourself to exercise even when you know how GREAT you feel after.

    I’m so glad you posted your comment because I’ve been thinking about taking a self-defense class for women. I can’t wait to check out your article!

  2. My favourite reason to exercise is the lean long muscles and the relaxing feeling after a vigorous workout. I admit I always have to envision this feeling first to get myself into the gym though, but it works every time!