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Bittersweet Blossoms

  • Laurie 

I once attended a Passover dinner at a Jewish friend’s home. We sat around the dinner table, and took turns reading short portions of the Torah. We passed a portion of Maror (bitter herbs) around the table, each of us taking a small taste. Yuck!

Laurie in Split, Croatia

Me in Croatia

Then we passed Charoset, which is a sweet paste made of fruits and nuts. Delicious. The symbolism of these foods – one bitter, one sweet – was to remind us that life is bittersweet.

That Passover dinner changed how I view my life. Sometimes it’s bitter, sometimes it’s sweet, and sometimes it’s just boring. But just to be alive is a grand thing!

O how sweet it is

Flower petals, soft bunny ears, waggy dog tails, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, views from the top of a hill or mountain range. Music! Hot coffee with cream and sugar when you get up, a new pair of socks, anticipation of Christmas, a good night’s sleep, the sound of someone you love coming home. Saying hello.

Bitter herbs

A bad back, ulcerative colitis, insurance claims denied, heartbroken family members, disrupted relationships, terrorists, Syrian refuges, car accidents, childhood leukemia, wounds that never heal, disappointments. Broken dreams. Death.

How do you savor the sweet and flow through the bitter? I cling to my anchor when it’s rocky and stormy, because He gives me the power to walk on water. I hold on even more tightly when life is good, so I can relax and enjoy the glory of a calm day floating on the smooth sea. I am tethered, so I won’t float away.

What have you tethered your bittersweet life to?

Blessings and Blossoms,


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