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You’ll Never Believe It! Blossom Tip 4

Remember how I gave away a $20 Amazon Gift Card a couple months ago, because I found $20 in Wickenden Forest and didn’t know what to spend it on? And I said if I found money again, I’d organize another Blossomy Draw?

Well, guess what? Yesterday I found another $20!

This time it was on the sidewalk. I was walking uphill backwards at 5:30 in the morning (believe it or not), and there it was.

And who did I think of first? You!

Another Amazon $20 Gift Card Giveaway!

To enter this draw: go to my blog post 30 Gifts to Surprise and Delight Your Older Parents or Grandparents, and share your own gift idea or tip at the end, in the comments section. It can be a gift you’ve received or given, an idea you think might be good, or even what you plan to give your Gramma or Mom at Christmas.

You have until midnight Friday October 13 to share your gift or tip in that blog post. If you can’t think of anything, then write about something you love about your grandparents or parents in the comments section! Tell a story, share a memory, honor your grandma or grandpa with a little tribute.

I’ll email you the name of the winner in one week (next Weds Oct 18).

The Even More Unbelievable Part

blossom tip 4 she blossomsIf you’re part of my She Blossoms Facebook Group, you know I’m giving away an Amazon Gift Card there, too, to celebrate our “1,000 members” milestone. That offer is to celebrate and thank my Facebook group members — but I wanted to include you, my “She Blossoms” blog subscribers, as well!

However, I couldn’t figure out how to include you in the Facebook giveaway because it’s sorta just a celebration for the group members.…and that’s what I was thinking about when I found the $20 on the sidewalk.

Isn’t that incredible? That totally $20 was meant for you!

What is Your “Believe It or Not” Experience?

Has God ever totally surprised you with something unbelievable? I bet Jesus was laughing with delight as the whole scene unfolded!

He loves to bless us, for we are His children. He wants to give us good things. He laughs when we laugh, and He weeps when we weep. Jesus walks with us through it all: the good, the bad, the hard, the easy.

I’d love to hear your “believe it or not” experience with God. Email me, share your story. But even if you don’t tell me about it — remember it with God. Take time look to the Heavens, smile, and reminisce about how He surprised and delighted you in some random, unexpected way.

Look up, my friend. Blow God a kiss, give Jesus a wink and a smile, and embrace the power of the Holy Spirit. For — believe it or not — you are what the Trinity delights in. 

And you are worth far more than $20.

Blossoms and Blessings,



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