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Believe in Open Doors – Blossom Tip 13

When was the last time a door opened in your life? Did you leap through it, or hold back because it was kinda scary?

“Open Doors” is one of the Big Ideas in Chapter 5 of my new “She Blossoms” book, tentatively called Rise: How to Move Forward When Your Heart Keeps Looking Back. (Which reminds me, I keep meaning to send you a few titles and get your opinion on which you prefer! Will do soon).

Are you standing in front of a closed door? Maybe it’s your own heart that is holding you back. Maybe you’re ready to start dating again, but you don’t know how to stop fear from ruining a new relationship.

Or maybe you want to start something new and exciting, but you don’t know how to focus on what really matters in your life.

What doors are opening in your life? What doors are closed right now, that you wish would open?


3 Open Doors to Africa

Sixteen years ago, I moved to Nairobi, Kenya. Three closed doors had to swoosh open before I could make this move – which I desperately wanted to do.

First, I needed to find a teaching job at a Christian school that actually paid its teachers (as opposed to teachers raising their own money, like missionaries do). So I made a deal with God: “If you want me to teach in Africa, please give me a job that pays,” I said. “I feel weird about raising my own money. And, I need the stability of a paycheck!

Believe in Open Doors – Blossom Tip 3Second, since I hadn’t actually finished getting my teaching degree from the University of Alberta, I needed special permission from three professors to take my final exams early. Two immediately granted permission; the third refused. He said I’d miss too much coursework. Plus, he had an ethical problem with a new teacher not completing her full course load before starting work. Eventually he reluctantly granted permission, but he insisted he going “on record” as a conscientious objector.

Third, the school I wanted to teach at – Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi – rejected my application. That was a hiccup, to be sure. They only hired teachers with at least one year of teaching experience. Plus, all their positions were filled for the upcoming school year. They said they’d keep my application on file for the future. Exactly one month later, they called me for a phone interview. The Grade 8 teacher they hired had changed her mind, leaving them with an opening in the middle school.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh — open swung all three doors. And to Africa I moved.


Believe in Open Doors

What doors have opened in your life? And, are you willing to walk through them and start a new season?

If you’re standing at the threshold of a closed door, what can you do while you’re  waiting for God to open it? How can you participate in His work?

Don’t stop believing.

Believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining. Believe in love, even when you can’t feel it. Believe in God, even when He’s silent.  And, believe in open doors, even when they’re closed right now.

In peace and passion,



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