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Though I enjoy writing for magazines, I no longer pitch ideas to editors.  I want to focus on earning a living from my “Quips and Tips” sites!

I’ve written for magazines ranging from Reader’s Digest to Woman’s Day, and I happily accept assignments from editors and clients of all ilks.


“Ballroom Dance Your Way to Love and Longevity” alive magazine (February 2010)


“10 Ways to Take Charge of Your Health” alive magazine (June 2010)

“Secrets of Skinny People” alive magazine (May 2010)

“10 Things You Never Knew About Beauty” alive magazine (April 2010)


“Doctors Who Move for the Soul of It” Health Match BC (September 2009)

“Email Blunders” Writer’s Digest (October 2009)

“Staying Sharp” Health (September 2009)

“The Muscle of Menopause” Health (August 2009)

“How Marriage Makes You Healthy” Health (publication tba)

“Survival Tips for Menopause” alive (August 2009)

“Quick Fixes for 15 Health Hassles” Health (June 2009)

“Playing Tetris Decreases PTSD Symptoms” Spirituality & Health (May 2009)

“Green Threads, Beds, and Spreads: Eco-Friendly Home Decor and Clothing” alive (May 2009)

“Happy Pictures on Fridge Linked to Weight Loss” Spirituality & Health (March/April 2009)

“The Secret Benefits of Breast Cancer” Health (April 2009)

“Surviving Caregiver Stress” alive (publication April 2009)

“Creative Ways to De-Stress at Home” alive (March 2009)

“Chicken Soup for Your Blood Pressure” Natural Solutions (publication tba)


“25 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues” Health (December 2008)

“Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper for the Holidays” alive (December 2008)

“Never Marrieds Getting Happier Than Marrieds” Spirituality & Health (Nov/Dec 2008)

“The New Law of Temptation” Spirituality & Health (Nov/Dec 2008)

“Creative Ways to Overcome Loneliness” alive (October 2008)

“Giving Up For Your Own Good: When Quitting is the Healthiest Choice” Psychologies (September 2008).

“5 Things You Didn’t Know About Diamonds” More (October 2008)

“How Citrus Fragrances Ease Depression” Natural Health (September 2008)

“Exercising for the Health of it” Glow (September 2008)

“20 Ways to Build a Better Brain” Wellness (September 2008)

“Office Pools Reduce Viewing Pleasure” Spirituality & Health (July/August 2008)

“The Latest Brain Research” Reader’s Digest (publication tba)

“Cocoa Power” alive (March 2008)

“Divorce is not Green” Spirituality & Health (March/April 2008)

“Happiness is a Bubble Bath Away” Reader’s Digest (publication tba)

“The Motivation That Works” Reader’s Digest (publication tba)

“Good Vibrations: Music Therapy is Sound Medicine” alive (May 2008)

“The Downside of Bliss” Spirituality & Health (April/May 2008).

“Anthropomorphizing Your Pets” Spirituality & Health (April/May 2008)

“Working Moms: Healthy & Happy, or Stretched Too Thin?” Esteem (Winter 2008).

“Holistic Healing That Works” alive (June 2008).

“Unlocking the Secrets of the Organic Vs. Traditional Food Debate” Esteem (Winter 2008).


“Them’s Fighting Words!” Esteem (Fall 2007).

“The Positive Power of Failure” Esteem (Fall 2007).

“When it Flares” Good Times (November 2007).

“Your Health is in the Stars” Spirituality & Health (Nov/Dec 2007).

“The Upside of Ulcerative Colitis” alive (June 2007).

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3 thoughts on “Print Articles

  • amy greenberg

    Dear Laurie,
    I have come across your article “Busting Cold and Flu Myths” in Alive magazine. I am the co-Founder of a website called The Grandparents Guide and I would like to know if we could reprint this article in our You section with a direct link back to you and this site. I noticed many articles in your archives that look like they might be quite relevant to our readers. Do you partner in this way with other sites? Check out our site and let me know what you think.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Happy New Years.

    Amy Greenberg
    The Grandparents Guide

  • Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen Post author

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your request — I’m honoured!

    I’ve emailed you directly.

    Best regards,

  • Christine Cox

    Dear Laurie,

    I would like to ask for your permission to put your article ’10 Tips for Marriage After Divorce: How to Make Remarriage Successful’ on our website. From:

    Our organization would like to share this article with our website visitors and clients in print and on the web.
    Our organization has prided itself in promoting marriage success, reducing the destructive nature of divorce and facilitating healthier choices after divorce. Our organization goes about this through Community Education Programs, Online Workshops, Working through Employee Assistance Programs along with outstanding resources for our clients. We are always searching for new material to share with those going through these difficult periods in life and offer articles links and referals to anyone needing our assistance. Please take the thime to consider our request to utilize your article and please visit our website at

    We would be utilizing your article under our New Beginnings/Re-marriage section
    Placing it in our Article section under New Relationship Horizons

    In addition to your permission to use your article on our website, we would also like your permission to use it as a handout during our “InSite” program “New Beginnings – Relationships Horizons” online workshop which can be found on our website under InSite Programs.

    We feel that your article would be a valuable asset to the people we are trying to help; giving a helpful guide about how to move on after divorce and seek successful relationships without repeating the same mistakes. We truly appreciate your writing and know we help others by sharing your words.

    Thank You for you consideration,