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Alarm Yourself – Blossom Tip 40 

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Spirit She Blossoms Tip 1“Be careful what you wish for — you might get it” isn’t just a cliché. It’s a warning for people who pray, too!

I recently discovered the downside of answered prayers: not having the tools or wisdom to handle the blessing. It’s like receiving a magnificent harvest of luscious purple grapes. What do you do with more bounty than you’re equipped to handle?

When you ask God for gifts, remember to ask for the wisdom and tools to handle the blessing. And if He doesn’t answer the prayers the way you expected, thank Him for protecting you. Trust that He knows what He’s doing.

She Blossoms’ theme this week

She Blossoms is entering a new season!
Heart She Blossoms Tip 2Every week we’ll dwell in a specific theme. Each day of the week we’ll explore a different stream of that theme in our She Blossoms Facebook Group.

You don’t need to be on Facebook to benefit from our weekly themes (but it’s nice to meet other She Blossoms members :-) ).

Just keep reading my newsletters, maybe shoot me an email once in awhile, and reflect on how you’re growing forward into a new season.

You’re already blossoming.

This week’s theme is “alarming yourself.”

Alarm yourself

Consider the power of small, consistent habits. Over time, they make a huge difference in your life. For example, a simple alarm on your phone or watch can remind you to do something small every day…and those little efforts will add up to big results.

Spirit She Blossoms Tip 3For example, I love playing the flute but never seem to find the time. I want to play every day but then suddenly it’s 8 pm and I’m just too tired. Finally, I discovered that trying to remember didn’t work — I just let the day slip away.

Then I tried setting my alarm to go off at “flute playing time.” At 3:40 pm every day I finish my work and play my flute for 15 or 20 minutes. I didn’t think a simple alarm would work, but I was wrong. It works like a charm! A rooty-tooty-flooty charm :-)

If there’s something you avoid or forget to do daily, try this new-fangled thing called an “alarm.” It works.


Streams of Blossoms

Our theme on She Blossoms this week is to set your phone or watch to remind you to do something healthy for yourself. Over time, small and consistent habits make a huge difference to your body, brain and life.

Spirit Blossoms – Tip 1

Set your watch or phone alarm to go off three times a day. Take five minutes and meditate on your favorite verse or passage. You’ll be surprised at how this changes your perspective!

Heart Blossoms – Tip 2

Every morning and evening, check in with your heart. How are your feelings directing your choices, words and actions in positive or negative ways? Your heart changes everything.

Soul Blossoms – Tip 3

Body She Blossoms Tip 4Set an alarm to go off at 8 pm every evening. Doodle, write, paint, knit, scrapbook or play the flute for 15 minutes! Share your creation with us on Facebook — or in the comments section below.

Body Blossoms – Tip 4

Take a deep breath three times a day. Be still. This is a simple, life-giving practice that is easy to do — and easy to forget! Set your watch or phone alarm as a reminder.

Brain Blossoms – Tip 5

If you’re struggling to heal from a past regret, loss or bad choice, find the balance between self-compassion and “tough love.” Give yourself 15 minutes a day to feel really sorry for yourself. Then, choose a little tough love.

“Be patient and tough,” Ovid said. “Someday this pain will be useful to you.”

Your thoughts on these Blossom Tips – or your own reminder system – are welcome below. I’d love to hear how you stay healthy and happy :-)


One last thing…

Last week’s blog post (How to Give Your Anxiety to God – Blossom Tip 39) was about giving our burdens and parcels to God so we can be free.

Brain She Blossoms Tip 5

In that post I said it’s not enough to empty your mind of stress, fear and insecurity. You need to go a step further and fill your mind with something better.

If you leave yourself with an empty mind, you’ll quickly find it boiling over with negative, depressing or deceptive thoughts.

Use this week’s “Alarm Yourself” tip to fill your mind with the truth.

What is your source of faith, peace, love, and joy? Remember that people come and go, relationships change or end, and wealth rises and falls.

The only reliable, steady and consistent source of love, grace and joy is God. The only way to feel the peace and security you want is to maintain your relationship with Jesus. The only way to be whole, healthy and happy is to ask God for the gift of the Holy Spirit…and you will feel the peace that surpasses all understanding.

While you’re at it, ask Him for the tools and wisdom to handle all the blessings He pours out!

With His love,

Laurie & Blossy


She Blossoms Tip 40




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