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A Parcel for You – Blossom Tip 38

  • Laurie 

This morning while doing yoga, I listened to Colin Smith’s Final Security sermon on podcast. He described the “Pass the Parcel” birthday party game he played as a kid in Scotland. 

The best part? He explained how passing the parcel can fill us with freedom, peace and joy in our daily lives.

Have you heard of this game? Maybe you played Pass the Parcel as a child, or even organized it for your own kids’ birthday parties. 

Here’s how it goes…


Pass the Parcel

A parcel—wrapped in many layers with a gift in the middle—is passed around a circle of kids. While music is playing, the parcel is passed. As soon as the music stops the kid holding the parcel can unwrap one layer. Yay!

But after the child unwraps one layer, she’s out of the game. Boo. 

The circle gets smaller and smaller until two kids are left. The music plays while they frantically pass the parcel back and forth—because the one left holding the parcel loses the game. 

When the music stops the child without the parcel wins the game. 


The Good Parcels

In his sermon, Colin said we can hold on to the parcels we’re given or we can pass them to God. He figures it’s better to pass them to God, who can take better care of them than we ever could. 

Parcels can be gifts such as children, friends, family, pets, jobs, ministries, homes, passions, talents, skills, financial assets. Parcels can enhance our lives by bringing love, security, comfort and joy.

The best way to fully enjoy, appreciate, and take care of these good gifts is to give them back to God.

Your children, friends, family, pets, jobs, ministries—you can’t take care of them the way God can. You don’t know what the future holds for those parcels you love, and you can’t protect them the way He will.

You may think you know what’s best for them, but you don’t know what God knows. And that changes everything. 

I used to hold gifts and blessings loosely, with a light hand. But I like the “Pass the Parcel” idea better! Instead of holding the gifts, I want to try giving them back to God.


The Heavy Parcels

Parcels can also be burdens such as health issues, financial debts, household problems, family issues, environmental concerns. Sometimes we pick up and carry heavy worries for today, anxieties about tomorrow, and regrets about the past. These parcels darken our lives and dampen our spirits by adding fear, bitterness, anger and insecurity. 

We don’t have to live with those heavy burdens…but we often choose to.


What parcels are you holding? 

Parcel for You Blossom Tip 38

Blossy – She Blossoms Tip 38

I’m holding the gift of my forthcoming book, Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back. It won’t be published until December, but I’m already feeling anxious about marketing and selling it. Writing a book is only the first step…authors have to be part of sharing it with the world, too! It’s hard work for writers like me. I just want to write newsletters, blog posts, and my next book.

And you, my dear reader, are a gift to me. I hold you in my heart, I think about you every day, and I pray for you often. I love getting your emails and reading your stories—short and long, sad and happy, big and little. Thank you :-) 

To God I commit you and your future. If you know Jesus, you are in good hands.

Next week, I’ll share ideas on how to pass your parcels to God. You want to give them up, but how? What does this look like in daily life, at work, at home when you’re cooking dinner? If you have tips or strategies that work for you, please comment below.


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May you find freedom, peace and joy in your life. May you recognize the happy and heavy parcels in your life, and may you give them both to God.

With His love,

Laurie & Blossy


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