6 Months Left to Blossom? How Not to Write Your Obituary 

In 1888 Alfred Nobel’s brother Ludvig died. A French newspaper mistakenly published Alfred’s obituary, condemning him for inventing dynamite.

“The merchant of death is dead,” said the obituary. “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.”

Alfred – who never married or had children – was disappointed with his obituary. He was also concerned with how he would be remembered….and so he created the Nobel Prize. In his last will and testament, he set aside the bulk of his estate to be awarded to excellence in science, chemistry, medicine, and literature.

All because he was unhappy with his obituary.

What would you NOT want your obituary to say?

Here’s mine:

blossom sheblossoms 6 months left“Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen always wanted to be a writer, but she was distracted by TV, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and fear of what people think. She never clearly nor enthusiastically wrote about her passion – which could have been about becoming truly alive and authentic in God. We’re not sure.

Sometimes she talked about encouraging women to stop getting their self-image from men, relationships, children, work, clothes, appearance, weight, or income….but mostly she just kept spinning her wheels. She didn’t really devote herself to her ‘passion.’ She called herself a Christian, and sometimes came alive in the Spirit…but she mostly was wrapped up in the world and her own little insecurities. RIP little Laurie.”

How would you live differently if you had 6 months left?

I’m taking a 12 week Genesis Process program through my church. It’s a group program that helps people understand what is broken in them, so they can fix it. It’s a recovery process used by many Christian addictions counselors – and it’s a powerful resource for anyone who finds themselves repeatedly doing things they don’t want to do. Unhealthy things, like overspending, under-eating, or wrestling with the same old relationship, work, or life problems.

One of last week’s questions was the “six months left to live” question – and it reminded me of how and why the Nobel Prize was created.

If I had six months left to live, I would respond to every blog comment left by every reader. It doesn’t seem possible because I get too many comments – plus I’m not called to give advice. But my heart goes out to ever person who comments on my blog posts, and I’ve decided to devote 30 minutes a day to responding to comments.

Take time to consider how your life would change if you had six months left. You don’t have to commit to making changes…just allow your imagination to dream big.

Meeeeoowwww Now, While You Can

Speaking of readers’ comments, here’s the funniest comment I’ve ever received! It’s in response to last week’s Say “Meeeoowww” and You Will Blossom Like a Cat newsletter:

“I rescued my cat from the Hong Kong SPCA in September 2000. After many adventures in Asia, we moved to my home, North Carolina. My landlady said she walked her cat on a leash all the time, so I gave it a shot. Picasso is the slowest walker I’ve ever seen. I let go of the leash most of the time. She was busily observing, i.e. smelling, everything. If I were 10% as observant as she is, I would surely blossom. Right now she’s sleeping on the couch, though. Adequate sleep also helps you blossom. I haven’t tried meowing in public, but it would make those networking events more interesting.” – from Michael LaRocca of MichaelEdits.com.


If your dream is to write a book, Michael would be a fun editor to work with!

In peace and passion,



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May you see God’s blessings and gifts in every step you take today. May you be grateful for each breath you take, every person you encounter, and every beautiful thought that occurs to you. May His Spirit lift your soul and fill your heart. May you find freedom, peace, and joy no matter what the world brings.

May you Blossom.


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