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365 Blossoms – A Challenge

Every week I have trouble figuring out what to write here on my main site. I never have a problem writing articles for my actual blogs, because they’re about other people’s problems.

For example, on Blossom this week I wrote:

Writing blog posts is a piece of cake. Delicious melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate, satisfying, easy. Smooth like butter.

This newsletter is not a piece of chocolate cake. I love getting emails from you but it’s always a pain in the neck to figure out what to share.

But then last Tuesday night – just after midnight – an idea woke me up.

The 365 Blossoms Challenge

Every day for the next year I will either:

  1. Do something the still small voice tells me to do.
  2. Engage in something – big or small – that helps me grow in some way.

After all, the theme of my blog/life is “Helping you listen to the still small voice so you BLOSSOM in your life.” It’s time for me to walk the walk!

365 blossoms challengeThe daily “activity” in this 365 Blossom Challenge doesn’t have to be a big hairy time-consuming deal. It can be trying a new recipe or getting a massage or emailing an old friend or taking a new route home from work.

In my weekly emails, I will give you a brief update. This will ease my writing pain (hopefully) and encourage you to tune in to your still small voice (hopefully).

And we will Blossom together.

Days 1 and 2: Creation and Re-Creation

Day 1: I created the Blossom Challenge. Wrote about it in my journal when I woke up at 5 am. By the end of the day I decided it was a dumb idea. Why would you or anyone care if I’m listening to the still small voice or Blossoming? What difference will this make? How will it matter?

So I decided to abandon the Challenge.

Day 2: I asked the still small voice (God) to help me know what to do. This is what I heard:

  • What if Rosa Parks or Amelia Earhart said “What’s the point?”
  • What if CS Lewis or Wayne Dyer or Joyce Meyers said “What difference will it make if I share my ideas and thoughts and books? I’m going back to bed where I can eat chocolate cake all day.”
  • What if Moses or Esther said “I give up. I haven’t gotten halfway through – in fact, I haven’t even started. No matter. I quit.”

And then the still small voice spanked me. “You don’t do things because you think people will respond favourably and you know what the outcome will be,” said He. “You do things because I am your Father, your God, and I ask you to.”

You do things because you feel called to do them. Right?

So I am somewhat reluctantly starting the 365 Blossoms Challenge. Reluctant because I don’t know if I can act on the still small voice or do something every day that helps me Blossom…but I have no choice.

So I decided not to abandon the Challenge after all.

Want to join me in 365 Blossoms?

Give it some thought. You don’t have to join today, or next week. You can start walking with me at Day 15, or Day 220. Or even Day 360! And maybe in a year it’ll be time for 365 Blossoms 2, and we’ll start fresh.

This Challenge may be easier than you (or I) realize. The premise is simple: do something the still small voice says or something that helps you Blossom every day. Keep track of it. You might even email me what you did – and that would help me immensely! I’d love to hear from you.

The still small voice speaks to us all the time. Sometimes it says “turn right” or “call your mom.” Other times it tells you to make a big life change, such as apply for a new job or have a difficult conversation with your partner.

What helps you Blossom?

I brainstormed a few easy ways to Blossom, such as start a conversation with a stranger (easy when you have a dog!), try a new recipe, ask for directions when you’re lost, donate $20 to the SPCA, get a massage, go to a concert. I’m creating a master list so I’ll have something to fall back on when I get stuck – and I’ll share that with you next week.

What do you do that helps you grow in little and big ways? New things, old things, big things, little things?

If we listen to the still small voice, we will Blossom. The healthier and stronger we are, the more light, life, joy and peace we bring to the lives of others.



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  1. Thanks Linda! My sister always said I’m “too sensitive” … it’s nice to hear that my sensitivity might actually be a positive thing :-)