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How to Know When to End a Relationship 5

You know there aren’t any easy answers, but you have to make a decision. These suggestions for how to know when to end a relationship might bring insight to a difficult dilemma. In How to Be an Adult in Love: Letting Love in Safely and Showing It Recklessly, David Richo provides tools to learn how to love in mature ways […]

How to Know When to End a Relationship

When to Say “I’m Still In Love With You” to Your Ex 8

Sometimes it’s healthy and good to tell your ex you’re still in love with him or her, and other times it’s destructive. These tips will help you decide if you should say “I’m still in love with you” to your ex. If you know deep in your heart that it’s too late to tell your ex you love him or her, […]

When to Say “I’m Still in Love With You”

How to Break Up With Someone You Love

Love isn’t all you need to save a relationship. These tips on how to break up with someone you love will help you see your relationship in a different light; they’re inspired by a reader’s comment on my post about dating a married man. In Life’s Healing Choices: Freedom from Your Hurts, Hang-ups, and Habits, John Baker helps us learn […]

How to Break Up With Someone You Love

When You Can’t Let Go of the Past

What do you do when you’re stuck and can’t seem to move on? Here’s what to do when you can’t let go of the past – whether it’s a relationship, job, person, or even a pet – inspired by the Parable of the Serene Queen. In The Myths of Happiness: What Should Make You Happy, but Doesn’t, What Shouldn’t Make You […]

Cant Let Go of the Past

How to Make a Life After Divorce

Inspired by a reader’s comment – and based on the Parable of the Flawed Diamond – these tips for making a life after divorce will give you hope and strength for healing and hoping in your future. In Surviving Divorce: Your Guide To Finding Hope And Healing After An Unwanted Divorce, G.D. Lengacher says the realization that you are getting […]

Making a Life After Divorce

When to End a Relationship 5

It’s not easy to know when to end a relationship, especially when you hope things will change. You wish you could go back to the way your relationship was when you first got together, but deep in your heart you know that’s impossible. Getting emotionally and spiritually healthy is the most important thing you can do. Books like Coming Apart: […]

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How to Find Peace After a Breakup 1

After a breakup, you’ll experience different emotions: anger, sadness, grief, depression, and even relief. These ways to find peace after a breakup will help you process those emotions and move on. I wrote How to Let Go of Someone You Love after I lost my sister. She’s still alive and well – as far as I know – but she and […]

How to Find Peace After a Breakup