Signs Your Relationship is Over

Signs your relationship is over, plus help deciding how to move on after a breakup.

How to Make a Decision That Will Change Your Life

You make dozens of decisions every day, and some have the power to change your life forever! These tips on how to make a decision will show you the most important thing about decision-making: how to listen to that still, small voice and trust yourself. Every week on Blossom, I write four articles on a different theme. This week is […]

how to make a decision change your life

What You Need to Know When You Call a Shelter or Safe House 9

Do you want to leave your husband, but have nowhere to go? Here’s what to expect at a women’s shelter. I worked at a safe house for women and children, and know how to prepare to leave an unhealthy and abusive relationship. If you’re in an abusive relationship, know that you are not alone! I’m inspired to write this article about shelters […]

safe house for women and children

5 Healthy Ways to Cope When You Miss Him 10

You can’t be with him, but you miss him more than you thought possible. “He’s not good for me but I miss him so much,” said a reader on my article about letting a man go. These ways to cope when you miss your boyfriend or husband are inspired by her comment. One way to cope is to get a symbol […]

I Miss Him So Much

How to Heal Your Broken Heart

Of course there is no one right tip on how to heal a broken heart – but there are several ways to regain your self-esteem and confidence after a breakup. In How to Let Go of Someone You Love, I share advice from relationship coaches and grief experts. I wrote that ebook after writing a blog post on letting go […]

how to heal a broken heart

8 Signs of Controlling Men 3

If you’re wondering if he’s manipulating you, then you might be picking up on these signs of controlling men. Sometimes the manipulation is obvious, other times it’s subtle. These signs of controlling men are from Boundaries in Marriage by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. This is a must-read relationship book for all couples, because it teaches how to set and maintain […]

Signs of Controlling Men

When to Give Up on a Relationship 4

You’re searching for ways to know when to give up on a relationship – and you’re not alone. These ideas are inspired by a reader who is unhappy about how her boyfriend treats her. The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags: Relationship Warning Signs You Totally Spotted… But Chose to Ignore is a fantastic book that explains all those relationship warning […]

Giving Up on a Relationship

How to Know When to End a Relationship 5

You know there aren’t any easy answers, but you have to make a decision. These suggestions for how to know when to end a relationship might bring insight to a difficult dilemma. In How to Be an Adult in Love: Letting Love in Safely and Showing It Recklessly, David Richo provides tools to learn how to love in mature ways […]

How to Know When to End a Relationship