Grieving & Loss

What “Letting Go of Someone You Love” Means 4

The most important step to letting go of someone you love is to learn what it actually means to detach and be free. If you learn what “letting go of someone you love” actually looks and feels like, you’ll find it easier to shake off those chains and break free. I’ve written an ebook and many articles about how to […]

what is letting go of someone you love

The Secret to Gaining Confidence After a Breakup 2

After grieving your loss, the first thing you need to do after a break up is learn how to gain confidence. Even if you initiated the breakup, you may feel shattered when your relationship ends. Did you know there really is only one secret to getting your confidence back after a breakup? I learned it when I was in my 20s, but […]

how to gain confidence after a breakup

Help Getting Over a Breakup – How to Change Your Story 7

You need help getting over a breakup, and the tired old tips aren’t working. Try this instead: learn how to change your story so you can change your perspective of your relationship, your self, and your life. This can help you heal. In Retelling the Stories of Our Lives: Everyday Narrative Therapy to Draw Inspiration and Transform Experience, David Denborough […]

How to Change Your Story Help Getting Over a Breakup

When You Regret Getting Married 2

These tips for what to do when you regret getting married are inspired by a husband. He’s a nice man who rushed into a marriage because of “love at first sight.” After the wedding, the relationship changed. In How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It, Patricia Love and Steven Stosny teach couples how to get closer in ways that don’t […]

Marriage Regrets

How to Cope With Divorce 1

Even when being divorced is better than being married, you’re still sad about the end of your relationship. These ideas on how to cope with divorce are inspired by a marriage that ended in my family. In Divorce Poison: How to Protect Your Family from Bad-mouthing and Brainwashing, Dr. Richard A. Warshak offers a blueprint for an effective response to […]

How to Cope With Divorce

Starting Over for Women Over 50 15

If you’re a woman over fifty, you have valuable assets that will help you start fresh. You’d be surprised to learn how smooth starting over for women over 50 can be. Be proud and loud about your age! Starting over isn’t something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Hold your head up high. Walk tall. Know that God created you […]

Starting Over for Women Over 50

Help for When You’re Broken Hearted

Whether it’s a relationship break up or a loved one’s death, you’ll find help for when you’re broken hearted here. I start with hope, and end with practical help for healing hearts. In Comfort: A Journey Through Grief, Ann Hood shares her personal story of losing her five year old daughter Grace. Talk about broken hearted – losing a child […]

Hope When You’re Broken Hearted