Popular Articles About Love, Relationships, Infidelity

Here’s a round up of my most popular articles about love, relationships, and infidelity on Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals. Although I want my money articles to be more popular — it seems that love, relationships, and infidelity is what readers are most interested in! And since I aim to please…

Here are my three most popular articles about love:

And my three most popular articles about relationships:

And finally, my three most popular articles about infidelity:


About the Adventurous Writer website — which is “a work in progress”:

I can’t decide what I want this website to be! The site, The Adventurous Writer, is the hub of my other four blogs, so it should represent those sites. I did post a few weekly writing strategies, but found it’s too similar to Quips & Tips for Successful Writers.

So, now I”m playing with the idea of rounding up my most popular blog posts about topics ranging from love to successful freelance writing. Or, a weekly roundup of all the posts I published on my blogs.

Or maybe I should do a round up of my most recent articles on all my blogs…sort of a “snapshot of my week.” Above all, I want this website to be helpful to my readers!

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What do you think? If you have any thoughts about this website or what you’d like to see, please share below! And — I’d love to hear about what you do on your website or blog…what works for you?

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