Writing Tips

Writing Strategy #1 – Let Your Writing Go

Every week, The Adventurous Writer features a writing strategy from Quips & Tips for Successful Writers (or another first-rate source!). This week, the strategy is “let your writing go.” “The best writing advice I ever received was to not get attached to your words,” says editor and freelance writer Alyice […]

How Freelancers, Nonfiction Writers, and Novelists Succeed 9

This website – The Adventurous Writer – isn’t just about my successes and failures as a freelance writer and book author. That’s secondary, because I dislike writing about myself. Rather, this site is about how to succeed as a novelist and nonfiction writer! How writers succeed is as easy (and […]

What I Learned as a Participant in an Online Writing Panel 8

I was honored to be a panelist in the “Writing for the Web” forum at the recent Write on Bowen Festival on Bowen Island, British Columbia. It was so much fun, in fact, I wish I’d signed up to teach a blogging workshop! I love answering questions about my passions: […]