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A New Quips and Tips eBook, and a New Quips and Tips Blog 1

My newest “Quips and Tips” ebook is always my favorite, which means 80 Ways to Say “I Love You” has top billing right now! I’ve written four “Quips and Tips” ebooks — two on love and relationships, and two on writing and blogging. Like my “Quips and Tips” blogs, my ebooks are practical, helpful, […]

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Letting Go of Your Past – A “Quips and Tips” eBook 2

My third “Quips and Tips” ebook is about letting go of your past; it’s based on my most popular article on Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals (“How to Let Go of Someone You Love”). Every day, that article gets hundreds of hits – and it barely skims the […]

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Writers, Achieve Your Goals! Motivation to Keep Writing 5

Finding the motivation to write is a constant struggle, even for writers who earn a living from writing! That’s why I wrote Fire Up the Muse — to help writers achieve their goals, no matter what obstacles they face. If you’re a writer who struggles with self-doubt, frustration, writer’s block, fear of failure, […]

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