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Imagine creating a blog, writing about things you’re passionate about, and enjoying a stream of passive income! I love blogging because I get to write about whatever I want. I also try to help people solve problems – which is why I earned $60,000 last year from my Quips and Tips blogs.

making money bloggingI’m Laurie, and I started my first Quips and Tips blog in 2008. I worked as a freelance writer for a couple of years, writing for magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Health, Woman’s Day, and More – but I quickly tired of pitching articles and interviewing experts.

Writing for Suite101.com helped me realize how much money I could make if I created my own sites…and the rest is history. By that I mean I earned more than I thought I could as a blogger, and I’m still amazed at how I make money blogging. Blogging is fun, challenging, and profitable. My university degrees are in Psychology and Education. My education hasn’t directly helped me as a blogger – but if you’re trained in something you’re passionate about, your education can help you make money as a blogger.

Sixty thousand dollars a year is a lot of money to me, and I’m proud of how I earned it. What about you? You’re here because you’re curious about how bloggers make money, right? I’m here because I worked hard to learn how to make money blogging. We’re meant to be together! 🙂

I’m happy to share what I know.


75 Ways to Make Money Blogging

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This ebook (electronic book) is a 72 page pdf file.
You don’t need a special digital reader for it — only Adobe (which is free and safe to download).


In this ebook, I’m honest about what I do and don’t do to make money blogging. For instance, I don’t spend a great deal of time on social media. I don’t promote myself or spend hours trying to build a “fan base.” I don’t even have a mailing list! All I want to do is write, and play with my blogs. I don’t want to market myself (though I do tweet and share my blog posts).


My ebook will help you take action and build a blog you’re proud of, using your strengths and passions.


I’m not a six figure blogger because I don’t blog full-time. I’m in school full-time – I’m working on my Master’s of Social Work (MSW) at UBC in Vancouver.

Here’s the approximate breakdown of my earnings last year:

  • $1,200-$1,600 a month from Google Adsense
  • $1,400-$1,800 a month from ClickBank
  • $300-$500 a month from Amazon
  • $300-$600 a month from ShareASale

Does this seem like an income you’d be happy with? It takes work, but it’s within your reach.


75 Ways to Make Money Blogging

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This ebook is for people who:

  • Have limited time and energy (full-time jobs, family obligations, busy lives)
  • Don’t want to focus on sales or overwhelm readers with advertisements
  • Need a solid, complete, well-organized resource for web writing
  • Want to take their blog to a new level — or are new to blogging
  • Love to blog about their hobby, niche, work, or journey
  • Aren’t making money blogging — but want to!

I just updated this ebook, adding new chapters such as “What Types of Blogs Earn the Most Money?” and “Will Your Blog Be Popular?”


75 Ways Bloggers Make Money

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

1.1 “Blogger? WordPress? Tumblr?” ~ 5 Tips for Hosts, Themes, and Blogs
1.2 “What’s My Modus Operandi?” ~ 5 Ways to Build a Better Blog
1.3 “How Do I Attract Readers?” ~ 5 Best Ways to Build Traffic
1.4 “But I Need More Readers!” ~ 5 More Tips for Building More Traffic
1.5 “I Want to Be #1 on Google’s Search” ~ 5 Tips for Writing Findable Posts

Chapter 2

2.1 “What is Shaving a Blog?” ~ Learning the Bloggy Lingo
2.2 “But Ads Are So Tacky!” ~ 5 Ways to Advertise Without Offending Readers
2.3 “I Don’t Like Google Adsense” ~ 5 Different Types of Advertisements
2.4 “Where Do I Stick Them?” ~ 5 Tips for Ad Placement
2.5 “I Have Ads and Some Traffic, But No Money” ~ 5 Reasons for Low Revenue

Chapter 3

3.1 “I Want to Make the Most of My Blog” ~ 5 Ways to Nudge Your Income Upwards
3.2 “Besides Advertising, How Can I Make Money?” 5 Other Sources of Income
3.3 “What Do ProBloggers Say?” 5 Tips From Six-Figure Affiliate Marketers
3.4 “I’m a Homebased Business?” ~ 5 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneu
3.5 “Two Years? But I Want Money Now!” ~ 5 Things to Do While You Wait


75 Tips for Making Money Blogging

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