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Why You Can’t Write – 5 Causes of Writer’s Block

Why can’t you write? Before you can overcome writer’s block, you need to find the source. Here are five causes of writer’s block and a Sioux Indian parable about awareness, to help you stay motivated to keep writing. One cause of writer’s block is perfectionism. “[A writer who is a perfectionist] expects her first drafts to be polished and well […]

Why You Can’t Write Causes of Writer’s Block

15 Things You Need to Be a Freelance Writer 6

Ten of these tips are from a panel of BC magazine editors, and five are my things you need to know if you want to be a freelance writer. It was easy for me to sell my articles and earn a living as a freelance writer for two reasons: 1) I read all the books on freelance writing, and 2) I’m […]

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Writing for Online Magazines – How to Find Work on the Web 9

Writing for online magazines can be profitable and interesting, especially if you know which sites are hiring! These tips for finding work on the web are inspired by a fellow writer’s questions about online writing jobs… To learn more about maximizing your income as a writer, read My So-Called Freelance Life: How to Survive and Thrive as a Creative Professional for Hire by […]

Writing for Online Magazines

11 Signs It’s Time to Give Up on Your Dream of Getting Published 11

How do you know if it’s time to give up your dream of being a published author – especially in this economy and era? These signs it’ s time to give up your dream of being a writer will help you shake off unachievable goals and set new, better ones. Sometimes, giving up on your writing dreams is the smartest, […]

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Become the Writer You Want to Be – 10 Tips for Successful Writers

What kind of writer do you want to be? Famous, respected, wealthy – or all three? These ten tips for successful writers will help you become the writer of your own dreams, and reach your writing goals! They’re from published author and psychologist, Paulette Kouffman Sherman, Ph.D. Before the tips, a quip: “I set myself 600 words a day as a minimum output, regardless of the […]