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The Query Shark’s Best Advice on How to Get a Literary Agent 1

Here’s how to write a query letter that is good enough to get a literary agent’s attention. These 15 tips for pitching your book idea or manuscript are from the agent who created a whale of a blog called Query Shark. I first met literary agent Janet Reid at the Surrey International Writers Conference, way back when we were dodging […]

Query Letters How to Get a Literary Agent

How to Write a Query Letter and Get Your Article Published 8

How do you get an article published in a magazine? By learning how to write a query letter to a magazine editor, of course! That’s your first step – because without an excellent pitch, you’ll never sell your articles. Here’s what one beginning freelance magazine writer says: “I have a brilliant idea for an article, and I believe it’s perfect […]

How to Write a Query Letter to a Magazine

How to Get Published

Whether you want to publish a short story, article, novel, or nonfiction book – you’ll need to write a query letter. These tips on how to get published revolve around the single most important letter you’ll ever write. Do you know how to write a query letter? Learn from the experts in Writer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published. You’ll […]

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How to Find Article Ideas That Editors Will Pay to Publish 13

Finding article ideas that editors will actually pay to publish is the hardest part of freelance writing! I already knew this as a writer – but I’m seeing the problem in a whole new way as an editor. “You can’t wait for inspiration to strike,” said Jack London. “You have to go after it with a club.” It’s the same with finding […]

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Example of a Query Letter for Unpublished Writers 5

This example of a query letter for unpublished writers (writers who don’t have magazine clips yet) will help writers land their first magazine assignment – I hope! I’m posting this because a reader asked for an example of a beginner’s query letter on my Tips for Improving Your Query Letters article. Before the query letter example, a quip: “Sleep on […]

Freelance Writers Who Submit Multiple Query Letters Are… 3

Should freelance writers submit multiple query letters to magazines? I’ve been avoiding this topic on Quips and Tips for Successful Writers for months…and it’s time to ‘fess up! “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein. This is exactly how I feel about simultaneous submissions to magazines! It’s […]

Should Writers Submit Multiple Query Letters to Magazines?

Improve Your Query Letters and Feature Articles – 5 Tips for Writers 4

These tips for improving your query letters and feature articles apply to writers working on novels, book proposals, and pitches to literary agents, too! You need to make your writing as memorable as possible…because the more memorable you are, the more likely you’ll succeed as a writer. Here’s what one successful novelist says about memorable writing: “Tell the readers a story!” says Anne […]