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15 Things You Need to Be a Freelance Writer 6

Ten of these tips are from a panel of BC magazine editors, and five are my things you need to know if you want to be a freelance writer. It was easy for me to sell my articles and earn a living as a freelance writer for two reasons: 1) I read all the books on freelance writing, and 2) I’m […]

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19 Editing Tips From a Senior Editor at MSN.com 12

These tips for editing magazine articles are from an editor at MSN.com – they include some of the most frequent errors she sees in her freelance writers’ article submissions. Pay attention, fellow scribes, because even when you think you’ve got writing down to a fine art, there’s always more to learn! “It is perfectly okay to write garbage – as long […]

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6 Tips for Successful Writers From an Editor-in-Chief 4

It’s rare for writers to get an inside peek into the editor-in-chief’s job, so when I received this email from Terry-Lynn Stone, the big kahuna at British Columbia-based alive magazine, I jumped on the chance to share her writing tips with my fellow scribes! These tips are based on a writer who sent an email to the wrong person. If you’re new to freelancing – […]

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10 Ways to Find Ideas to Write About for Magazine Articles 3

Most freelance writers struggle to find ideas to write about for magazine articles. But you won’t – not with these tips! Here’s how to improve your chances of getting published and help you make money writing… To learn how a professional freelancer actually earns money writing for magazines, read Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer: How to Win Top Writing Assignments by […]

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