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How to Get Your Poetry Published – 5 Tips for Poets 7

These tips on getting your poetry into magazines, anthologies, or your own book of poems are from John C. Goodman. Not only has he published two collections of poetry, he wrote a non-fiction book called Poetry: Tools & Techniques. Here, Goodman describes the chances of getting your poetry published, and offers tips on breaking into the poetry market. First, here’s what a […]

how to get poems in publication for magazines

How to Increase Writing Confidence – Grow the Skin of a Rhino 11

What’s so great about the skin of a rhino? It’s tough as Teflon! These tips on increasing your writing confidence will help you toughen up and soldier through the moments of despair all writers face. If you lack confidence, work your way through The Confident Writer. It’ll change how you write and how you see your writing career. It may even […]

Writing Confidence Tips

Waiting for Publishers and Editors to Decide Your Writing Fate?

What do you do while waiting for editors and publishers to decide on your writing fate? Don’t just sit there! Check out these five ways to keep your motivation and hopes high, because it can take forever to see things happen… “It took a year for my agent, Christopher, to find a publisher,” said J.K. Rowling. “Lots of them turned […]

How to Write a Query Letter to Publishers – Fiction Manuscript 5

My writer friend sent this query letter to ten publishers, and all ten asked to see his fiction manuscript. You can’t beat a 100% return rate! Why did every publisher ask to see his book? Because the author told an interesting story in an entertaining way. Here’s how one famous writer describes it: “I have been successful probably because I have […]

How to Get Published When You Don’t Know What Book to Write

Fascinating! Here’s how to get published even when you don’t know what type of book to write, you have no book ideas, and you can’t write a book proposal. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Here are the benefits of — and tips for — writing for a company known as Book Packagers, or Book Producers. Before the […]

How to Get Published When You Don't Know What Book to Write

6 Ways to Promote Your Book for Free Online 19

These tips for promoting your book are free – but they still require effort! The right marketing tips will help you avoid paying money to PR companies and publicists – and these tips are for authors who have more time than money. Before the tips, a quip: “Success isn’t always an immediate change.” ~ Dirk Matson. None of these services […]

Promoting a Book – Should You Hire a Book Promotion Company? 6

Even before you get published, you need to start promoting your book! Should you hire a book promotion company? These five tips will help you answer these questions: What is the best book marketing service for me? Which promotion companies should I contact? How much will it cost to market and advertise my book? How can I trust the book promoters […]