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What’s the Best Web Host Provider for Your Blog? How to Choose 4

How do you choose the best web host provider for your blog? These tips will help you decide – and I learned firsthand yesterday just how important this decision is! My biggest blog crashed (rather, was suspended by HostGator because of script errors), and was down for two hours. Even if you already have a web host for your blog, you need to be […]

Opportunity for Bloggers – Contribute to an eBook About Making Money Blogging 14

Hear ye, Hear ye! Here’s an opportunity for successful bloggers, web writers, and ezine writers to share what they know, motivate writers who want to make money blogging, and spread the word about their blogs, books, and businesses… I’m writing an eBook, tentatively titled Quips and Tips for Monetizing Your Blog, which will describe ways for aspiring (and experienced) bloggers to overcome 15 different obstacles to […]

10 Tips for Making Money Blogging – How to Monetize Your Site 12

These tips are based on the “Make Money Blogging” course I was planning to teach at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver. The course didn’t run because of low enrolment. Why waste good information? These tips will help you monetize your site effectively. “One problem that I see a lot of bloggers…do is simply writing what everyone else is writing […]

5 Tips for Sitting on a Blogging Panel at a Writer’s Conference 3

Participating in a blogging or writing panel is my favorite way to attend conferences for writers! If you’ve been invited to sit on a writing or blogging panel, these five tips will help you prepare and improve your experience. And here’s a bonus for the non-panelists in the crowd: the top three takaways from the last blogging panel I was on (the “Writing […]

How Do Bloggers Get Readers to Comment on Posts? 18

Since only 1% of readers comment on blog posts (1 in 100, as per ProBlogger Darren Rowse), bloggers need lots of traffic to get lots of comments! But, there are other ways bloggers can get readers to comment on posts…as revealed by these eight tips for bloggging…   Here’s a great question from one of my readers: “I follow my stats and know people are reading my […]

How to Make Really Good Comments on Blog Posts 23

Leaving good comments on blog posts can help increase traffic to your own blog. These 7 tips for making good comments will help when you want to comment on a post, but all you can think of is “Uhhhh…..good blog post, dude!” Here’s what ProBlogger Darren Rowse says about comments and blogging: “I think commenting is the best part of my blogging […]

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