How to Save More Money – 5 Tips for Creating Wealth 7

Learn how to save more money with these five easy tips for creating wealth. I’ve tried all the following ways to save money, and we’ll be debt and mortgage free in a couple of months! These tips for creating wealth are easy, effective, and virtually painless – especially when you get into the simple habit of spending less money. Before […]

How to Save Your Marriage Without Couples Counseling 17

Couples in unhappy marriages may be reluctant to try marriage counseling for a variety of reasons, such as lack of money. These ways to save your marriage without counseling will help. Read How to Save an Unhappy Marriage Without Couples Counseling – it’s better because it’s an updated, new, and improved version of this article. And remember: “In every marriage more than a […]

How to Save Money on Christmas Shopping 2

Even if it’s at the last minute, it’s not too late to put these Christmas shopping and money tips to work! Here, “The Money Couple” offer seven ways to get your Christmas gift list under control without spending a whole boatload of money. The holiday season doesn’t have to bring heavy credit card bills or financial stress – that’s definitely not a […]

Teaching Kids about Money at Christmas – Tips for Parents 3

Christmas is the best time to teach kids about money. These tips for parents are from Karyn Hodgens, creator of KidsSave (a unique kids’ saving program that puts kids in charge of their money). “The biggest challenge I face regarding Christmas spending and kids is sticking to my budget,” says Hodgens. “This is a recent phenomenon for me, starting when my kids entered […]

Tips for Introverts – 6 Ways to Reduce Christmas Stress and Anxiety 13

Holiday stress affects everyone differently – in fact, some people don’t find Christmas stressful or anxiety-provoking at all! Others, such as introverts who aren’t used to the socializing and hubbub the holidays bring, may find Christmas challenging. These tips for people with introverted personality traits will help reduce Christmas stress and anxiety, and make the holidays fun…even for the quietest […]

6 Signs You’re Not Eating Right for Your Body Type

These physical and emotional signs that you’re not eating right for your body type will help you feel fitter and healthier right away. Especially if you actually take action and change your eating habits! One of the worst things you can do – regardless of your body type – is to eat at night. If you tend to midnight munch, […]

body type eating

How to Trust Your Husband After an Affair 57

Can you trust your husband after an affair? It depends why he cheated and how you found out about the affair. It’s difficult to rebuild trust in marriage after an affair, but your bond may become stronger. Trusting your husband after he cheated on you is “easier” (! it’s never easy!) if you know you’re not alone. Reading books like After […]

how to trust your husband after an affair