5 Doctor-Approved Tips for Overcoming Depression at Christmas 6

Feeling depressed at Christmas is normal, even for people who aren’t depressed at other times of the year. These tips for coping with depression over the holiday season are from Dr Harold Levinson. “Depressed people don’t always respond well to holidays and vacations where others appear happy and life seems beautiful,” says Dr Levinson. “This contrast often intensifies their own sense […]

how to cope with depression at christmas

27 Gifts to Surprise and Delight Your Older Parents or Grandparents 18

Your elderly parents have everything; don’t give the “gift” of more stuff! These thoughtful, creative gift ideas for older moms, dads, and grandparents will show your love without cluttering up their home. Here, you’ll find the right gift and the perfect way to say “I love you” to your elderly parents, older grandparents, or aging stepparents. The Memories for My Grandchild: A Keepsake to […]

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How to Find a Career to Fit Your Introverted Personality 46

If you want to love your job, you need work that matches your introverted personality traits. Here’s how to find a career for introverts, plus a link to a handy-dandy personality test for introversion. “I am a severe introvert,” say GG on Best Jobs for Introverts and Quiet People. “Actually, I have severe social anxiety, more than anything. I’m in school to be […]

6 Reasons You’ll Love Volunteering as a Big Sister or Big Brother 6

Are you wondering if you should volunteer as a Big Sister or Big Brother? Here’s my experience as a Big Sister, plus a few thoughts that might help you decide if volunteering as a Big is worth your time. My Little Sister and I went to the Big Brothers picnic in Vancouver today. My husband is a Big Brother, I worked with two different […]

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How to Know if You Should Drop Out of College

Is dropping out of college the right decision for you? Here’s how I decided if I should stay in my two year MSW (Master of Social Work) program. My decision-making strategy – and the end result – may help you know if you should drop out of college. I loved the first semester of my two year program…and barely made it […]

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How to Cope With the Pain of Missing Your Cat 663

You may be surprised at the depth of pain you feel every time you think “I miss my cat.” These eight ways to cope with the grief of your cat’s death will help you through your loss. I also share advice from cat owners who understand the sorrow and sadness of losing a beloved pet. “Grieving the loss of a beloved […]

40th Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Surprise and Delight Her 19

Whether she’s glad or sad to be turning forty, you’ll make this a celebration to remember with these delightfully surprising 40th birthday gift ideas. The first suggestion on this list is one of my absolute favorite gifts – but when you scroll through you’ll find a wide variety of classy jewelry, luxury birthday ideas, and even gourmet chocolate gifts. The Anuschka Hand Painted […]

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