What to Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation 9

Here’s a complete list of things you to pack for a vacation at a beach resort, from practical beach items to non-essentials you’ll be so glad you brought! This packing list will ensure you don’t forget anything – because even “all inclusive beach resorts” don’t supply everything. They will sell you what you forgot to pack, but it’ll be much more expensive […]

What to Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation

What You Need to Know About Cheap RV Living and Retirement 3

These tips for RV (Recreational Vehicle) retirement are from a couple who retired four years ago. They offer an inside peek into cheap RV living. My interview below won’t tell you all you need to know about RV retirement. Read So, You Want to be a Full-Time RVer? by John and Kathy Huggins to learn about doing the preliminary homework on RV […]

cheap rv living retirement plan

5 Surprising Secrets for Coping With Childlessness 43

If you’re one of a million women coping with childlessness, you know there are no quick or easy tips on how to be happy. Not being able to have kids is devastating. Here’s how my husband and I cope with being a childless couple – we didn’t choose not to have children, but we are living happily and peacefully. A […]

how to cope with childlessness

How to Treat a Dog’s Scratched Eye 4

Here’s how my veterinarian treated my dog’s scratched eye, plus tips for dealing with eye scratches in dogs. Georgie has been to the vet twice for eye-related problems: once for a scratched eye, and once for an eye infection. I researched how to treat dog eye injuries and symptoms of cornea or retina problems in dogs – but there is […]

dog scratched eye

How to Write an Appeal Letter to a Bank

Here’s the appeal letter I wrote to my bank to appeal their decision not to reimburse my checking and Visa accounts after thieves stole my credit and debit cards. You can use this as a sample appeal letter, especially if you need tips on writing an appeal letter to a bank about a student loan, mortgage application, or business loan. […]

bank appeal letter

How to Wrap Awkward Gifts With Stuff You Have at Home

After you read these 8 creative tips for wrapping gifts, you’ll know what you need to wrap even the most awkward gift (eg, bikes, skis, Hawaiian vacations). For example, a treasure hunt is a great way to “wrap” a bike. You can create clues that will lead the gift recipient to the treasure. Before we get to my ideas on […]

how to wrap awkward gifts

Making a Career Change at 40? 10 Things You Need to Know 20

These tips for making a career-changing life decision at 40 are both practical and inspirational. Here, bestselling author Richard Bolles shares his cautions and tips for changing your job when you’re forty or older. I also include several smart snippets of career advice from his books. When you’re changing your career at 40 or any age, you must believe that you WILL land on […]

changing careers at 40