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Comfort and Prayers for the Loss of a Beloved Dog or Cat 16

Believing in heaven or an afterlife doesn’t erase the intense pain of a dog or cat’s death, but it can help. These prayers for pet loss will comfort and help owners cope with the death of their dogs or cats. “No one can say how long we will mourn pet loss,” writes Gary Kowalski in Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who […]

Spiritual Ways to Survive Pet Loss

How to Know if You Should Adopt a Dog Today 

Adopting a dog? This guide will help you decide. Included are reasons for dog adoption, how to know if you should adopt a dog today, a list of the six most common dog diseases, and information on pet insurance. These tips for adopting a dog are inspired by a reader’s question about getting a new pet. It’s one of the […]

how to adopt a dog today

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

These tips for keeping your dog safe this Halloween are from the dog-loving folks at Dog Fence DIY. These are important if this is your first Halloween with your dog – and especially vital if your dog is from a shelter. Rescued dogs may be more anxious or excitable because of all the noise and strange costumes on Halloween, and may bolt or become […]

Adopting a Dog – Tips for Women Over 60 4

A reader is hesitant to adopt a dog because she’s over 60. Will her dog outlive her? These tips for women over 60 will help you decide if adopting a dog is right for you. You can never learn too much about dogs! In The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs Patricia B. McConnell […]

Tips for Women Over 60 Adopting a Dog

How to Find Peace of Mind After Putting a Dog to Sleep 9

These ideas for finding peace of mind after you put a dog to sleep are inspired by readers’ comments. For many dog owners, grief is compounded by guilt and regret after a dog is euthanized. The Paw in Hand Devotion Garden Stone is a lovely way to remember your dog. The stone reads: “Our pets lead us from patience to love, and […]

Finding Peace of Mind After Putting a Dog to Sleep

Help Surviving the Loss of Your Pet 5

Losing your dog or cat is deeply painful, and you’ll miss the unconditional love and loyalty your pet gives. Here’s help for surviving the loss of a pet, inspired by a reader’s request. In How to Survive the Loss of Your Pet, I share a wide variety of coping strategies from veterinarians, grief experts, and people who survived the loss […]

help surviving loss of a pet

How to Cope With Guilt When Your Dog Kills Squirrels 19

If you’ve never said, “My dog killed a squirrel”, I envy you! Here’s how I coped with guilt and grief after seeing my dog kill squirrels. My dog Georgie (on the right) has ended the lives of three squirrels. Little white Tiffy (on the left) was there to assist, but isn’t big or fast enough to do the dirty deed. Georgie wears dog […]

How to Cope With Guilt When Your Dog Kills Squirrels